Custom Ice Packs in Everyday Use

There are certain items in life that seem to be standard in everyday living. This list includes everything from ovens to toothpaste. It is easy to take these items for granted because we use them so often, it is inconceivable that we may ever be without them. One item that is used fairly often, but is overlooked by many is the multifunctional ice pack. This is a very versatile tool that most adults have sitting in the back of their freezer. They are also often used as a promotional tool. Many companies place their logo and contact information onto ice packs and then give them away in some manner so as to spread awareness of their brand. Here, we will be talking about different types of ice packs and their everyday uses. Reference

Ice Packs for Leg Injuries – At some point in their lives, most people have heard the phrase “put some ice on it” after an injury. Sometimes this may come from a concerned family member or friend, other times it comes straight from the doctor. When you have injured some part of your leg, there are some injuries where ice is the best treatment and others where heat should be used instead. There are several areas of the leg that have the potential to become injured. There are joints at the hip, knee, and ankle. Of course, bones run through the entire leg that could be broken. Also, there are tendons, ligaments, and muscles and each can be injured. Different types of injuries require different types of treatments. The main use for ice is when an injury has caused swelling. Swelling is caused when blood vessels open too far, the cold of an ice pack shrinks the blood vessels back to a normal, or at least semi-normal size. By doing this, the ice reduces the swelling allowing for faster recovery and less pain. As far as ice packs go, there are many different shapes and sizes. Some are very generic so as to be able to be used anywhere on the body. Others are shaped and contoured in such a way as to better conform to certain areas of the body. The ice packs made for the leg are generally longer and either curved or flexible to wrap around the injured part of the leg. But do check this site out if you are looking to relieve pain for knees.

Ice Packs for Face Injuries – Unfortunately, accidents happen in life that result in injuries and bruises. Sometimes, these accidents involve the facial area. When someone gets a black eye they usually put something cold on it. Depending, this “cold item” can range from a raw steak to a frozen bag of peas and every imaginable thing in between. However, there is no need to ruin perfectly good food items to treat a black eye or any other facial injury. There are actually ice packs designed just for the face. There are some companies that even make customized round ice packs for the face. These ice packs are made specifically for all areas of the face. This includes treating black eyes, busted lips, bruised or broken jaws, busted noses, or bumped heads. The same principle as described before applies here. The discoloration and swelling that comes from most facial injuries occur due to the widening of blood vessels or the pooling of blood in the injured area (i.e. a black eye). The cold of the ice pack reduces the swelling by shrinking the blood vessel to more normal size.

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Ice Packs for Coolers – There are many times in day-to-day life when a cooler is a complete necessity. One of those times is when you are heading to the grocery store to buy cold food products such as meat, cheese, or ice cream. It is vital for these items to remain at a certain temperature to remain safe. When the temperature is very high outside, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain safe food temperatures during travel. For these occasions, the best option is to take a cooler along full of ice or ice packs. Most people tend to use ice for this purpose, but this is not necessarily the best option. Ice melts and makes food packages soppy which reduces the integrity of the packaging and sometimes even the food itself. Also, it can create a mess if the cooler tips or leaks. Ice packs, on the other hand, cannot create a mess even once the cold is completely gone. Picnics are another great time to use ice packs. Again, most people use regular ice, but ice packs are the far superior choice.

Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes – One of the best everyday uses for an ice pack is in a lunchbox. Lunchboxes are generally filled first thing in the morning, but it is hours before the food will be consumed. While some food items do not require being kept cold, there are quite a few that do. It is often difficult to pack lunch with much variety when you do not have a way to keep the food chilled. To provide more variety to packed lunches, an ice pack is most certainly the way to go. Most ice packs stay cold for hours at a time before starting to warm up. Therefore, food will stay cold for a long time when you use an ice pack in the lunchbox. There are even some lunch boxes designed to hold in cold or heat. These are ideal to pair with an ice pack for maximum chill.

There are a great many everyday uses for ice packs and this list has been only a very few of those uses. Ice packs have the potential to be fantastic promotional devices when applied correctly. There are many companies that produce customized ice packs that have a business’s logo and basic information printed on them. These are then distributed to potential customers. With so many potential uses in everyday life, people will see the logo and contact information on a regular basis. Every time this information is seen, it creates an opportunity to gain a new customer.