Data Analytics Projects that will get you an Interview Call

Data Analytics Certification

Good decision, if you have just enrolled for data analytics certification. Most candidates prefer to play the waiting game before making the decision. Reason: The trends in data science keep changing overnight, and beginners have a hard time understanding about the domains and technologies. While there are hundreds of free online courses, the best data analytics certification courses always focus on the beginners’ project in data science, recommended by the industry leaders.

In this article, let’s pick popular analytics training projects that would land you a call for a fat job from a tier I company.

Mobile Applications for the Kids

Today, smartphone users have broken the age barrier. In the US and the UK, children as young as 8 years have access to mobile applications and online mobile content. That’s a ridiculously tender age to have access to the dark world of the internet, which could be plagued with obnoxious content, clickbait ads, and erotic content. Cybersecurity, cyber terrorism, and payments click buttons are other risks that target mobile users from the age below 15 years.

Ethical Internet

As a beginner, you can work with Data Science teams building a safe and ethical internet ecosystem for minors only. The basics are very easy to understand — Design the IP architecture and CDNs in a way that the device and publisher sites can detect the users’ age — verified by bots and reverse search on the users.

2FAs for Every Application

 Parental guidance with 2FA services will further allow guardians to control what, how, and where kids are searching for content. I have been in the industry — and I can tell that the future of kid-safe internet is the future of social media.

Pandemic Monitoring

What happens when you search for a pandemic safety manual from the internet?

It will work on a search engine algorithm to pop up the latest articles, research papers, and … those promoted ads for sanitizers, pills, vaccine ideas, and even jobs for the jobless. It’s relevant but mostly controlled by advertisers.

Pandemic safety monitoring search engine beginners project is a cool innovation, especially if you can connect the technology with your smartphone, IoT devices, sensors, cameras, and so on. So next time, your search for a pandemic monitoring tool, the first few searches should focus on articles written only by Health care service providers, doctors, and local government authorities. Can you do that?

Local Grocery

How to find your local grocer, especially when the owner of the shop doesn’t have a smart device, or doesn’t sell barcode labeled products?

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Between 2015 and 2019, there were over 1 million new data science projects registered with the leading online data science companies and libraries. However, only 50,000 of these projects were actually employable and gathered enough attention from the AI experts, who are invariably the industry behemoths controlling the demand and supply of jobs in data science.