Dell Laptop Black Screen: What It Takes To Troubleshoot This Error?

Dell Laptop Black Screen

Are you also reeling with the Dell Laptop Black Screen? Don’t know what to do next? Read this article to assess this issue and how to apply certain hacks and fixes without in need of any technical pieces of equipment.

Basically, what happens when you power on your PC, it loads up as usual until it gets to this point where you are supposed to see your desktop. But instead of that, it shows Dell laptop black screen with cursor on the screen.

Now there are several possible reasons why you may be having this problem. The most common cause is your User Shell being corrupted either by some malware applications or system updates. The User Shell manages various Windows Explorer functions like a taskbar, the desktop, and other user interface features. 

So if you’re having this error, it’s likely that some malware or incompatible system updates have managed to corrupt or change the value data of your User Shell. Certain explorer functions like desktop and taskbar tend to malfunction.

Besides a malware attack, other potential reasons for the Dell computer black screen are as follows :

  • Excess Heating – If the laptop or PCs is not accustomed to proper ventilation, then CPU could suffer due to an over-usage, thus heats up the processor. It could also happen if the system is exposed to video games for a longer period or numerous programs or applications are running on PC at the same time.
  • Hardware Failure – It could be a faulty hardware component that is due for repair or replacement. You must be noticing after starting up your Dell laptop screen goes black but still running.
  • Display Issues – It could be one of the display issues such as a damaged video card or faulty video driver or that is connected to the system that led to the Dell monitor black screen every time your turn on your PC or laptop.

What could be your best fix for Dell Laptop Black Screen?

You can apply any of the three methods mentioned-below depending on what you think might have caused this problem in your case. And of course, if one method doesn’t work for you, try the other method and see if it works. 

Now without further ado let’s get right to it!

First-Hack – Hard Resort your Laptop

All you need to do is perform a factory reset or in other words, forced restart. Considering the fact, you couldn’t able to boot your system in a usual way, as it might get stuck, here’s the remedy for Dell laptop black screen.

  • Turn off your computer by long-pressing the power button for at least 10 or 20 seconds or until the Power light goes off.
  • While your laptop is turned off, remove the power adaptor and all the other peripherals associated with it from the power source. Also, remove the battery slab from your Dell laptop and wait for at least five minutes to resume the start-up process.
  • Now place the battery slab back into your laptop.
  • Now, press and hold the Power button again for at least 15-20 seconds.
  • Plug the power cord or AC adaptor into main the power output or source.
  • Press the power button to turn on your laptop.

If the Dell laptop black screen with cursor pointing still occurs, all you need to do is troubleshoot all the applications or programs by following the below-mentioned fixes.

Second-Hack – Reboot your Dell Laptop into Safe Mode

Rebooting your laptop or PC into the safe mode allows the loading operating system without activating any drivers and applications. This can help you to identify the faulty program or application that interferes with the Windows which usually causes the problem of Dell laptop black screen on startup.

Safe mode identifies or diagnoses that culprit application that led any operating system to fail. Here how you can boot your system by applying safe mode :

  • Press the power button to turn on your Dell laptop.
  • Press the Shift + F8 key together to launch the Recovery Mode menu before the Windows OS starts to load.
  • In the Recovery Mode, look for the option ‘See advanced repair’.
  • Click on the Troubleshoot button in the advanced options menu.    
  • Click on the Windows Startup Setting button and then click on the Restart button to activate Safe Mode reboot on your Dell laptop.
  • Before the Safe mode restart begins, an ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu will appear. It enables you to boot your Windows in safe mode, safe mode with networking, and safe mode with command prompt.
  • Click to select your preferred safe mode option.

If your laptop successfully boots into the safe mode without displaying any errors, then the problem lies with any third-party applications, a Windows firewall, or maybe a malware.

If your laptop couldn’t able to boot in Windows via safe mode, then most likely t could be an internal hardware component causing Dell laptop black screen issue.

Third-Hack – Update Third-Party Applications On Your System

If your Dell laptop is able to boot in Windows via safe mode, some applications may have crashed, corrupted, or being outdated for a while. You will witness your Dell laptop turns on but the screen is black. To fix any suspected programs, launch the Control Panel. Always make sure that this step is only possible if you could able to boot into the safe mode. To do so :

  • Navigate to Start Menu>Control Panel>Programs and Features? Select a program that needs to be fixed.
  • Click to select the Repair or Change button.

Navigate to the onscreen instructions. Once done, reboot your system to save changes and see if it resolve your concern.

Wondering what all models may succumb to the Dell laptop black screen. You may continue to experience this error in any Dell laptop models. But here’s a list of models, for your reference, likely to prone to this issue.

Dell XPS Dell XPS 13 Dell Latitude Dell P Series P2419H

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