Details about Brain Tumor

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Generally, healthy cells grow old or get damaged, they die, and in that place, new cells develop. A brain tumor is a condition that occurs when this normal process goes wrong, and new cells start forming in an uncontrollable manner when the body does not need them, and old cells don’t die. These extra cells buildup forms a mass of tissue known as a tumor. The causes of brain tumors are still unknown, but as per many researches number of the changes that occur in healthy brain cells, which will lead them to form brain tumors.Cancers are often caused by DNA changes that activate oncogenes or put off neoplasm suppressor genes.

 Primary brain tumors types

Benign brain tumor :

This type of tumor does not contain cancer cells and can be removed. It has an obvious edge and also rarely invade tissues around them. They do not spread to other body parts. A benign brain tumor can lead to serious health problems owing to the pressure they put on sensitive areas. Benign brain tumors, in some cases, can be life-threatening and may also become malignant.

Malignant brain tumor 

This type of brain tumor are more severe and are life-threatening. They quickly grow rapidly and invade the nearby healthy brain tissue. In this type of condition, cancer cells break and spread to other brain parts or spinal cord too.

Grades of brain tumors

Brain tumors vary as per their growth rate as well as the ability to cause symptoms. Below are the grades in which brain tumor is classified

  • Grade I-In it the tissue is benign, and cells appear as normal brain cells, and the growth of the cells are also very slow
  • Grade II – In it, the malignant tissue has cells that appear less like normal cells in comparison to cells in the Grade I stage.
  • Grade III – In it, the malignant tissue has cells that appear very differently from normal cells and are actively growing at a faster speed. These abnormal growing cells are known as anaplastic
  • Grade IV – In it, the malignant tissue has cells, and that appear almost abnormal and have a tendency to grow aggressively and quickly.

Brain tumor surgery in India

Brain tumor surgery cost in India varies from USD 5500 to USD 7500 and vary according to many factors. The Brain tumor surgery cost also varies as per the type of surgery, the complexity of the surgery, the hospital selected, doctor fees, and diagnostic procedures. Below is a list of top doctors for brain tumor surgery in India :

  1. Dr. Sandeep Vaishya with 20 years of experience 
  2. Dr. V. P. Singh with 30 years of experience 
  3. Dr. Aditya Gupta with 21 years of experience
  4. Dr. Vipul Gupta with 21 years of experience

Treatment of brain tumor

There are many treatment options for people with brain tumor counting surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. According to the case, many patients get a combination of treatments, too, as the choice depends upon many factors. The factors on which choice of treatment depends are :

  • Location of tumor
  • Type or grade of the tumor
  • Size of tumor
  • Age of patient and its general health

The best cancer doctor will describe your treatment choices along with the outcomes and possible side effects too. It is essential to know how the treatment will change your normal activities. There are many questions that patients can ask the brain specialist before the b=starting of cancer treatment :

  1. What type of brain tumor you have?
  2. It this tumor Benign or malignant?
  3. What is the grade of the brain tumor that you have?
  4. What are the treatment choices you have as per your tumor grade?
  5. What are the benefits you get from the treatment?
  6. How can you prepare for the treatment?
  7. What will be the side effects of the treatment you will get?
  8. What will be the cost of brain tumor treatment that you will get?

Surgery is the first treatment for most brain tumors cases .  Radiation therapy usually follows surgery, and patients who can’t have surgery have radiation therapy instead. Chemotherapy is also done in which doctors use drugs to kill cancer cells. Treatment of brain tumor is very complex, and most of the treatment plans involve many doctors, which is referred to as a multidisciplinary team of doctors who all are specialists in Neuro-oncology along with others.