Detect Traffic Lane with Polyline Annotation for Autonomous Vehicle

Self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles, running on the road need to detect the lane for right movement on the path. Hence, to make such path detectable to such vehicles, through computer vision, lane annotation is done, that makes such road surface marking recognizable for right movement. Cogito provides, polyline annotation to make such road surface marking easily recognizable with precision.

Cogito is expert in annotating the lane painted on the road. All types of road surface marking indicating different traffic rules, can be annotated at Cogito with meaningful metadata to make the lanes easily to detect and recognize by the self-driving cars with best level of accuracy.

Polyline Annotation

Accurate Lane Detection for Autonomous Vehicle

Actually, there are multiple types of lanes, painted on the city roads and highways buy responsible authorities to make the lanes as per the traffic movement and other aspects. Depending on the type of road, single lane, double lane and broken lanes are mainly coated on the roads. Cogito can make such lanes recognizable with precision helping such vehicles move safely on the right path.     

Cogito Provides Polyline and Spline Annotation    

Cogito is involved in image annotation services to annotate the different types of lanes on the road. It is working with highly skilled and experienced annotators to annotate the images in bulk for different types of roads including city roads, highways, and roadway with best level of accuracy. Cogito team use the most advance tools and software to annotate the images to create the best level of training data sets for machine learning and AI models including the autonomous vehicles.