What is the Difference Between Bag Gloves and Boxing Gloves?

What is the Difference Between Bag Gloves and Boxing Gloves

Boxing or punching is one of the common practices that create an ability of self-defense in a person. Besides this, many people consider boxing and punching as one of the best workouts. The reason is that boxing engages the whole body in the practice and thus in return burns calories at a faster rate.

Because it helps losing weight fast, therefore, considered as the best minimal workout. On the other hand, the main parts or the essential elements of both punching and boxing are the gloves. Protection and safety are the major priority during the whole process. As well as to make the hand to work properly after hitting a punch is another important thing to consider.

Keeping in mind all these things the boxers or the trainees use gloves for the specific process. Although there are many other different types of gloves available but the most prominent are bag gloves and boxing gloves.

Now many people consider that these two are the same and can be used for the same purpose. But there is a prominent difference between these two that everyone needs to understand.

Difference Between Bag Gloves and Boxing Gloves

People usually do not tell the actual difference between the two types of gloves. It is due to various factors that people consider these two as the same. Thus, given below are a few points that make it clear to understand.

Bag Gloves

The gloves that a person uses for hitting a Punching bag or a Heavy bag are known as bag gloves. It is obvious from the name that bag gloves are primarily for punching practice on heavy bags. The texture of Bag gloves is thinner and much lighter than other gloves. It is because a person is simply practicing and in return, he is not getting the cross punches or hits.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are solely designed for actual practice and training for boxing. The boxing gloves are used when a trainee or a boxer is fighting with an opponent. Thus, the padding of such gloves is heavy and offers a thick texture. The reason why the boxing gloves contain thick padding is to get complete protection from an opponent.

Few Prominent Differences

Described below are a few prominent differences that show how both of these are different from each other.

o   Padding

The most prominent and a very common difference between the bag and the boxing gloves is the padding. The padding makes the gloves safe to use as well as protects the hands from getting injured. It is one of the prominent factors that make a huge difference between the two.

The bag gloves contain the lighter padding as compared to the boxing gloves. As the bag gloves are specifically designed heavy or punching bags, that is the reason these gloves contain thin padding. On the other hand, the boxing gloves are for actual boxing practice. Therefore, the padding such gloves contain is heavier than the bag gloves.

o   Size

The second prominent difference between the bag and the boxing gloves is the size of the gloves. The size of the bag gloves is smaller than the boxing gloves. As the texture of the bag gloves is thin and light weighted so the size also depends on this factor.

Besides the texture, the reason why the boxing gloves are larger is that they are specifically for fighting against the opponent. The larger size also provides self-protection as well as helps the hand to not get injured.

o   Weight

The final and yet another prominent factor that makes a clear difference among the two gloves is the weight of the gloves. as the boxing gloves are larger so clearly, they have more weight as compared to the bag glove. The usual size of the boxing gloves the size is 16 oz while for the bag gloves it is 14 oz.

As the bag gloves are smaller in size and lesser in weight, they can effectively produce faster punches. As a result, the bag gloves are considered more effective than the boxing gloves. the weight of the gloves also a prominent factor and contributes perfectly to differentiate among the two.

Thus, all the factors are necessary to consider while differentiating the bag gloves from the boxing gloves. Also, these factors give a clear view that both the gloves are greatly different from one another.


Gloves are the essential elements of boxing practice. Also, there are various types of gloves but the boxing and the bag gloves are among the most prominent. People usually think that both the types of gloves are the same but there is a huge difference. The difference lies among various factors. Described above are a few factors that make bag gloves different from the boxing gloves.