Differences Between Football Shoes Vs. Running Shoes

Football is a game of swift leg movements. Not only do you have to balance your feet activity but, the eye leg coordination with the ball and other players should be active to enhance your performance. The faster you catch up with this trick, the effortless game would be for you. However, when we talk of running, it involves your entire lower limb muscles and helps in toning.

Do you know that both these activities require different kind of shoes? It is not like you cannot use the shoe interchangeably for both purposes. But, only if you want to deteriorate your performance.

Enhancing your performance with 100 percent concentration in the game is possible with proper shoe for these sports. For people who are new to this niche, we are going to list a few differences between football and running shoes. At the end of the article, you will gather some necessary information that every player must know:

1. Arch support:

The arches of your feet are created to make you perform daily activities like walking, running, jumping, and moving. However, wearing footwear with arch support can make you more active. Running shoes come with much better arch support than the football shoes. Reason being that you cannot take any risk while running. Otherwise, it can lead to bone, joint, and muscle problems. However, running is a part of football. The entire game is not about running. Therefore, these do not have a better arch support as running shoes.

2. Stud:

Studs are one of the most exclusive features of quality football shoes. The presence of blades, spikes, and studs make them distinguishable from regular running shoes. These help in better traction and grip on slippery surfaces. Thus, they contribute to enhancing your swiftness and decreasing the chances of injury. This attribute is not present in the running shoes.

3. Breathability:

Both the sport involve active involvement of leg muscles. Due to this, the generation of sweat is considered normal. However, running causes more accumulation of sweat inside the shoes. Therefore, running shoes have well ventilated and breathable fabric to allow your feet to be dry and active. However, football shoes also have a breathable feature, depending upon your selection.

4. Sole cushioning:

Running has more involvement in the heels of your feet. Ever experienced heel pain after a day of full practice? It might occur due to many reasons. Unfit shoe is one of the most commonest mistakes people do.

The shoes with cushion and paddings in the sole are ideal for running. The wrong selection might put your health at stake and can lead to several health problems. The football shoes also have cushion but lesser in contrast to running shoes. People play football usually on grass ground that causes less heel pain.

5. Grip and control:

Slipping and unlocking of feet are two leading reasons for injury while playing football. One needs to be extra attentive when playing on wet ground. Therefore, it is necessary to have a gripping feature in the football shoes. On the other hand, running shoes have standard gripping.


Hoping that you have learned enough about the difference between both these shoes, we are summing up the article. Thanks for reading!