Different Types of Tyres You’d Like to Know About

If you’re asked – ‘What’s the most crucial part of your vehicle?’ You’d probably say it’s the engine or maybe the brakes or suspension. Well, you aren’t incorrect. But one thing you’re missing here is the tyres of your car. Have you ever thought about how does your vehicle propel forward? Or how does it come to a halt when you apply brakes? If you think deeply about this, you’ll understand that it’s all the work of the tyres. 

Naturally, you need tyres that can serve you the best in all types of conditions. After all, tyres need to withstand a lot on the roads. That’s why tyres come in myriads of varieties so that you can make an informed choice about the kind of tyre you’re going to use. Tyres are manufactured keeping various kinds of vehicles in mind. They also have different tread patterns keeping the diverse kinds of road conditions in mind. In this blog, you’ll get to know about the different types of Car Tyres Shrewsbury produced and this will also help you know the kind of tyres required for your vehicle. 

Types of Tyres

  1. Seasonal Tyres    
  • Summer Tyres

When the weather is hot and roads are dry and parched, you need tyres that remain stable and maintain a firm grip on the roads. These tyres work the best when the temperature is above 7°C. 

  • Winter Tyres

Next in the category are the winter tyres. They are a must when you live in an area that witnesses heavy snowfall every year and blizzards and slush are also quite common. The sipes and deep grooves in the tread of these tyres are enough to combat the slippery roads of the winters. They work the best when the temperature dips below 7°C. 

  • All-Season Tyres

They are best suited to places that have a moderate climate. That means it’s neither too cold nor extremely hot. In that case, you can use these tyres throughout the year. Such tyres carry the qualities of both summer and winter tyres. 

  • Technology-based Tyres
  • Run-flat Tyres

These tyres are like an oasis in the desert. They help you the most when you need them the most. They can run for miles at a steady speed even after getting a puncture. That means you don’t have to remain stranded anywhere in the middle of the road waiting for help. 

  • Energy-saving Tyres

These tyres have low rolling resistance. They are environmentally friendly as their carbon dioxide emissions are lesser than other tyres. They slash your fuel consumption considerably. That’s why these tyres have been a favourite of the masses. Performance is never an issue with such tyres. 

  • High-performance Tyres

If you love speed and looking for an augmented performance on the roads, then high-performance tyres are for you. However, they can’t be just fitted to any vehicle. 

  • Budget Tyres and Premium Tyres

This has always been a topic of debate among users. You can go for any of the tyres depending on what your pocket allows you for. If you plan to buy budget tyres, make sure you check that they meet the standard requirements of the law. Such kind of Mobile Tyre Fitting Shrewsbury should be evaluated with proper merits and demerits.

  • Part-worn Tyres

These are second-hand tyres that are legal in the UK. Be very careful before you plan to buy such tyres. Tread is the most important thing in a tyre, but most of the part-worn tyres sold in the country don’t meet the minimum legal requirements. 

  • Tyres with Different Tread Patterns

Such tyres are designed to run on different kinds of roads, which are stony and patchy. Their grooves, sipes and channels come in myriads of varieties and such tyres are meant to withstand the toughest of the roads. They come with directional, symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns. 

So you see the role of tyres in your driving. With such huge variety in the market, you can now make a discerning decision about your tyres.