Different Types Of Custom Boxes That Are Best For Your Business Growth

Custom Boxes

Every product comes with packaging, whether it is related to food, electronics daily life necessities. Therefore, the custom boxes packaging business is an appropriate field to earn money. You must know that molding every material in every shape is not possible. Your limited knowledge may cause you loss in business.

Before making the final decision, you need to know what types are there that custom boxes offer. Therefore, it is crucial to know the kinds, shapes, and materials regarding custom boxes, before you jump into the business.

Hence, it is crucial to keep in mind the popularity of each type of custom boxes as it will help you note down the customers’ likes and needs.

Following are the different types of custom boxes packaging essential for business growth:

  • Sleeve packaging:

It is one of the best types of packaging, especially for premium brands. The way a product comes into view when you slide a tray out of a box makes customers excited. Hence, it is very famous among the customers. Moreover, it also saves you from creating a mess.

This packaging has two parts, a sleeve that contains a tray. Sliding the tray will reveal the product inside it. This easy-to-use packaging is best for many kinds of products.

  • Shoulder boxes:

If you are starting a custom boxes business, this shoulder box is necessary for your business growth.

It is a type that gives a luxurious touch, and you cannot forget the excitement while opening it. Hence, brands specifically use these types of boxes for their limited edition and rich products and general items sometimes.

It consists of three pieces a base contains a tray, and a lid is placed on it. Rigid cardboard material is the manufacturing material.

Furthermore, different kinds of printing techniques and printing designs apply to these boxes.

  • Flip-top boxes:

It is the most common type of packaging boxes because of its utility. The flip-top boxes are easy to open and close. Hence, you will notice that nearly every day-to-day item has flip-top packaging.

Corrugated and cardboard materials are best for manufacturing this type of boxes. Nevertheless, these boxes are available in different sizes and shapes to pack several items.


Custom boxes have many types that may fascinate you. Hence, apart from the above-mentioned kinds, there are a few other kinds of custom boxes that are well-liked by consumers of all ages.

For example, magnetic closure boxes that are super easy to open and close with an addictive snapping sound and die-cut window boxes that let the customer have a sneak peek at the product before finalizing to buy it are famous among customers. Whatever you may choose must be according to the product requirements.