Diode Dynamics Has The Best LED Light Bars For Trucks

Trucks are built to handle driving off road and through tough conditions, but OEM lighting isn’t always up to the task. Having a strong source of light can help keep you safe when driving your truck through rough terrain, which is where our light bars come into play. Our Diode Dynamics Stage Series Light Bar is one of the Best LED Light Bars For Trucks on the market. Its durable construction and bright output is proof that good things can come in small packages.

Here at Diode Dynamics, we are creating the best quality LED automotive lighting on the market. Our light bar was engineered by our team with off-road enthusiasts in mind. If you need a bright lighting option for your truck or off-road vehicle, you can’t beat our light bars.

Our Stage Series Light Bars are the best LED light bars for trucks because they offer an incredible output in a small package. The secret to our success is our proprietary total internal reflection (TIR) optics. Unlike most light bar designs that waste a good portion of their light output, our TIR optics are designed to harness all of the light from our LEDs and directs it so you get the brightest light output possible. This optical technology allows our 6-inch light bars to outperform 30-inch bars from our competitors.

We offer our Stage Series Light Bars with beam pattern and color options to suit any user’s needs. You can our pure bright white option with our 6000K color temperature LEDs or choose our amber option which is perfect for hazardous conditions or situations where high contrast lighting is preferred. No matter what color you prefer, our lightbars are available in three distinct beam patterns.

If you are looking for the largest possible spread of light, our flood beam pattern is the perfect option. This pattern uses an 80WX50H degree spread to provide the perfect uniform illumination when working offroad or driving at low speed. Our driving pattern is designed to supplement your high beams by casting a 20WX8H degree rectangular light downrange which provides ideal illumination at high speeds. Finally, we have our wide pattern, which casts a 100WX8H degree band of light. This configuration is perfect for providing a wide field of visibility on the road during inclement conditions.

Installing our light bars on your truck is incredibly simple. Our lights come with universal mounting brackets and we also offer some mounting kits which are vehicle specific. You can also easily swap the lenses on your light bars to use a new color or beam pattern. To replace your lenses you simply remove the screw on the faceplate, swap out the lens, and resecure the plate.

Our Stage Series Light Bars are built to last. Our LEDs are designed to last at least 40,000 hours, meaning you could use these lights for 10 hours a day for over 10 years. We have tested our bars to make sure they can stand up to moisture, corrosion, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. Each of our light bars also comes with our worry-free 8-year warranty.

So if you’re trying to find the best LED light bars for trucks, look no further. Our off-road LED light bars feature heavy-duty construction, compact design, and unrivaled output. To learn more about our Stage Series Light Bars or any of our other products, you can visit our website contact a member of our team at 314-205-3033 or contact@diodedynamics.com.

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