Earthy colors give a beautiful warm atmosphere to your kitchen

Colors are extremely important in every interior. Colors provide atmosphere and appearance and do something with you. For example, green is known as a soothing color, while yellow is more cheerful and sparkling. White is sterile and businesslike. In kitchens a lot of white has been used for years, for example, white tiles, kitchen cupboards and of course there is a lot of white kitchen design equipment for sale. But one of the trends in interior design lately is the use of earthy colors and warm tones in your home. Many people are a bit bored with the abundance of white and want to create a warmer look in their home.

The kitchen as the heart of your home

In more and more houses, the kitchen design really becomes the heart of family life and therefore also the center of the interior. Your kitchen design may stand out, but it must also radiate a warm atmosphere and invite you to socialize. You will also see earthy colors appearing more and more often in the kitchen. In particular in combination with a classic or rural kitchen interior design and natural materials such as wood or natural stone.

Earthly colors: all colors from nature

Earthy colors actually mean all the colors that you can find in nature. You can think of brown and shades of gray, but also green, yellow, red or blue. If you choose a neutral color palette, you can create more depth and warmth by alternating with different materials. You can also ensure that contrast is created by adding a number of dark elements. Or by adding brighter natural colors, such as blue, yellow or green. This way you create a very fresh effect. You can also achieve great results by adding a few plants.

Combine brown and gray tones with natural materials

A color that you see more and more in kitchens is brown. That may sound like a dull color, but nothing is less true. Brown is a color that you can easily combine with many other colors and materials. The brown earthy color that you see more often in kitchens exudes security and comfort. It is a warm, elegant and stylish color . You can also perfectly combine shades of gray with many natural materials, such as wood, copper and cork. Wood and copper in your kitchen create a warm atmosphere, but the use of copper, for example, also fits perfectly in a kitchen with a so-called industrial look.

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Lots of inspiration in magazines and on the internet

By using earthy colors, natural materials such as natural stone , granite and wood come into their own even better. However, it is not easy to find the perfect combination of colors and materials. Fortunately there has been a trend for a while now that more and more kitchens with natural colors and materials are being sold. The result is that the most beautiful examples of kitchens with earthy colors can now be found in interior magazines and on all kinds of websites and blogs. So sit down for an hour and be inspired by the many beautiful examples.