Everything There Is To Run-Flat Tyres

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Tyres have constantly been changing due to the introduction of new technologies. Thus, it is difficult for consumers to keep track of all types of tyres. Many people don’t know anything about run-flat tyres. 

Moreover, most people with a BMW invest in these tyres, which also adds to the case. If you, too, are unaware of these tyres, we have got you covered. Below is everything you need to know about run-flat tyres. 

What do these tyres do?

Drivers often encounter situations where they need to change their tyres because of punctures quickly. Such situations can be troublesome, which is why run-flat tyres are made. These tyres allow you to keep moving even while air is escaping your tyres. However, you can only drive these tyres at a certain speed for certain miles once they get punctured.

You can easily get Run Flat Tyres Milton Keynes fitted into your tyres. Before you buy these tyres, make sure your tyre has a tyre pressure monitoring system. These systems are required for run-flat tyres as they signal you whenever air is escaping your tyre. 

These tyres are made of relatively stronger sidewalls. So, the sidewalls of these tyres are self-sufficient. Thus, these sidewalls can keep your tyre in shape even when the air is escaping your tyres. As a result, you will not have to stop abruptly, and you can keep moving till you find a safe space.


The most obvious advantage of these Tyres Milton Keynes is eliminating the need for abruptly stopping and changing the tyres. Moreover, their strong sidewalls also add to the benefits one can get from these tyres. But, apart from these obvious advantages, there are other advantages of these tyres as well. These are:

  • Blowouts are pretty scary, and they should be avoided at all costs, yet sometimes they come unexpectedly. In cases of blowouts, you will experience better stability if you are using run-flat tyres. As we mentioned above, these tyres have strong sidewalls, so these sidewalls absorb the impact of the blowout. As a result, you are offered better stability in cases of blowouts.
  • Run-flat Tyres also help to save space in your car. If you do not use run-flat tyres, you will have to carry tyre changing kits and a spare tyre. By eliminating the need for any such kits, run-flat tyres save space in your car.
  • As a result of saving space, these tyres also decrease the load of your vehicle. Since you do not need to carry a spare tyre, its load is eliminated. 
  • The best thing about these tyres is the fact that they rarely get punctures. Even if they somehow do get punctured, they can easily be repaired. So, they end up lasting longer than other tyres.


All advantages come with some disadvantages, and so does run-flat tyres. There isn’t anything wrong with these tyres, but there are some limitations of these tyres. These are:

  • Run-flat tyres do not offer a wide range of selection. So, you are restricted to select a tyre from a small range of variety. Moreover, these tyres aren’t available everywhere. You would need to search a lot of places to find these tyres.
  • These tyres fall a bit on the expensive side of tyres. It is because of all the advantages they provide that add to their cost. Therefore, not everyone can buy these tyres.
  • These tyres cannot be repaired in cases of heavier damage. You can easily get these tyres repaired for small cuts, punctures and scratches. There would be no problem with such damage. However, if the damage is severe, you would need to change the whole tyre.
  • These tyres get worn easily. So, the more you use them, the more their life decreases. Thus, many people use these tyres during special trips and travels.
  • You do not realise when the air starts escaping your tyre, which is why you need a tyre pressure monitoring system. If you do not have any such systems, you will not tell when you need to change your speed.