Custom biker patches are synonymous with the art of riding motorbikes. For serious motorcycle enthusiasts the patches are as important to them as the jacket and the bike itself. If you ever are on the highway, you will surely come across many motorcycle riders wearing jackets adorned with different types of custom biker patches. In today’s day and age, these patches are available in a diversely rich range of sizes, shapes, styles and also colors.

What is the significance of custom biker patches?

These patches mean a lot of motorcycle riders and to the biking community as a whole. They aren’t just meant to make a style statement; they instead represent the rider’s affiliations, attitudes and personality. If a rider belongs to a certain group then these patches serve to differentiate them from members of other motorcycle groups and clubs. Within the clubs, these patches also serve to demonstrate the ‘ranks’ of the different members present in the group. Most motorcycle clubs, groups and associations have made it mandatory for their members to wear custom biker patches on their jackets and vests.

Riders take their patches very seriously because riding for them is more than just a hobby; it is for them a way of life and custom biker patches is one of the best way for them to wear their hearts on their sleeves and to display their attitudes, affiliations and personalities. These patches also indicate the activities that a particular rider might have participated in. These patches are so important that people who don’t wear such patches aren’t taken seriously in the biking community. Patches are what separates the men from the boys and the amateurs from the masters of the brethren.

How are custom biker patches used in motorcycle associations and biker clubs?

Most riders are either associated with motorcycle associations or with biker clubs. Motorcycle associations usually have two patch designs and biker clubs usually have one patch design. Custom biker patches are of immense importance in both of these organizations. In the biking community, they are of a sacrosanct nature and the general opinion is that they can’t be ‘bought’ and instead they have to be ‘earned’. There are bikers who aren’t part of either motorcycle associations or biker clubs. These riders are known as ‘lone wolf riders’ and even such riders can use custom biker patches on their jackets to show their status as ‘lone wolf riders’. Riders of all kinds use custom biker patches to express themselves and showcase their attitudes and personalities. If you happen to be a ‘lone wolf rider’ then you don’t have to comply with the rules of different clubs and associations and you can choose from a wide range of patches on the market for the back of your jacket.

When and how to order custom biker patches?

If you aren’t part of a motorcycle association or a biker club then you might have to pay a little bit more to get custom biker patches made for yourself. There are many online stores from where you can buy custom biker patches for your use as a lone wolf rider or for other members of your motorcycle association and biker club. If you have a rough idea of the patch that you want to have, then you can submit the idea to different online stores and they can work with your insights and give final touches to your rough design.

The Bottom Line

There you go. That was everything you needed to know about custom biker patches. You can use such patches to show your allegiance to different motorcycle associations and biker clubs. You can even use such patches to show your status as a ‘lone-wolf’ rider.