Everything you need to know about the profession of Copywriter!


The job of copywriter is unknown to the general public… Yet I am not afraid to say that it is the KEY job of any company using online marketing. As soon as you use online content (article, social networks, email, facebook ads, youtube video) you need a professional copywriter (or at least to have the basics of copywriting) who complete his training from high level and best online copywriting course.  

Let’s be clear from the start: The job of copywriter has nothing to do with other copywriting activities. It has nothing to do with a community manager or an SEO copywriter. The copywriter is the one who SELLS with the words. It uses persuasive writing and human psychology to turn any content into a slot machine.

Here are the 3 axes that you will discover in the profession of copywriter:

What is a copywriter?

What does a copywriter do?

Should (and can) become a copywriter?

Words are everywhere. From websites to billboards, emails to brochures, from social media to SEO, words determine the success or failure of a business . (Yes, just that !) In other words, if a business cannot communicate effectively, it is doomed. The need for a copywriter will therefore never decrease because writing will forever remain a communication channel to master (especially on the internet)

the role of copywriting

Copywriters are responsible for helping increase sales, generating visits, improving brand awareness, and articulating internal corporate communication. Their talents are used to help businesses and other organizations achieve sales and growth goals.

But what is copywriting?

Copywriting is all about being able to understand, connect, and write for your prospects. It may seem simple but it is not that much … Because a copywriter uses the right words as well as complex persuasion mechanisms to always increase the profitability of a company.

copywriter’s goal

Clearly, it can increase a product sheet from 1 to 3% conversion rate thanks to words (i.e. triple turnover)  He must have the flexibility and skills to change the writing style from client to client and from project to project. In my case for example, I was able to write sales pages as well as E-mail sequences for all types of customers (real estate, weight loss, dog training, online business …) In summary, copywriting is the writing of a message with the aim of making the prospect act towards a specific action.

what is copywriting for: What is the role of the copywriter?

The ultimate goal of a copywriter is to influence people’s behavior with words. Copywriters are employed by agencies on both an employee and freelance basis. Of course there are specializations . Some copywriters will be able to be super effective in blog post writing, others on sales pages, and others on email communication. These writers need to be able to get into people’s heads and understand what makes them tick , in order to make products and services interesting, engaging and relevant to them.

persuade with words

In short, they target the deep problem of a prospect to provide the best possible solution for him. Here is a real life example in weight loss: The classic SEO copywriter might write something like “lose 5 pounds in 6 weeks with …” Ok but is the prospect emotionally affected by this sentence? No …Because he did not work on the psychology of the prospect and his real need. On the contrary the copywriter can write “get rid of those extra pounds to find your femininity, a toned and sexy body  “

understand your prospect

Because he knows his prospect doesn’t care about losing weight. What makes him more complex is that he is no longer wanted because of his weight. A good copywriter will be able to write in different tones of voice for different brands ; for example, an advertisement for a soft drink uses a different axis than an advertisement for a car. Another nuance, the drafting of B2B texts will be different from B2C texts.

Copywriters working in this field need to be able to explain the features and benefits of products and services, while conveying the personality of the company they are promoting and establishing an emotional connection with the reader.