Exporting Mac Outlook Email to PST in 2021 Using Best Methods

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Are you facing problems when exporting Mac Outlook email to PST? Microsoft provides email services for both Mac and Windows OS. The Outlook applications made for each of these operating systems are slightly different but the file formats they support are poles apart. The Mac Outlook uses OLM files to store all of its mailbox data and Windows Outlook makes the use of a PST file (OST in case connecting with Exchange). There are more Windows users which means more support and facilities for the Mac Outlook and more migrations towards Windows.

The major reason for exporting Mac Outlook email to PST is when you are switching from one OS to another. In such a case, you will have to migrate the Outlook application as well and are required to convert the OLM file to PST. You can perform this task manually as well as directly. In the upcoming sections of this blog, we will explain all possible ways to get perfect results.

Best Way for Exporting Mac Outlook Email to PST

You can convert the file in its respective format using a manual method and an automatic method. The direct method works like a charm if you are willing to convert all mailbox items including emails. The Macwaretools Mac OLM Converter is the best utility which provides multiple benefits that makes the process smoother than expected.

  • It exports all mailbox items from Mac Outlook.
  • Converts the data into numerous formats including PST.
  • Preserves the folder hierarchy & the metadata.
  • Also transforms the attachments of emails into PST.
  • Allows applying naming conventions to the data file.
  • No restrictions on the size of the OLM files to convert.
  • Option to split the resultant PST file as per the requirement.

Steps for Exporting Mac Outlook Email to PST

  1. Download and install Macwaretools Mac OLM Converter. Click on the ‘Add File’ option, pick the file, and let the tool load it.

2. Now, you will get a preview of the Mac Outlook files. You can preview them in around eight view modes.

3. Select the item (Mails) you want to transform & click on the Export option.

4. Next, choose the PST option on the next screen. Apply settings, browse locations to save this file, and click on Export.

For Windows: Convert Outlook OLM file to PST

Method 2: Copy-Paste for Exporting Mac Outlook Email to PST

This is the layman’s method of copy-pasting your data from one device to another

  1. First, launch Outlook on your Mac machine.
  2. Select the emails you want to transfer to PC.
  3. Now, drag-drop them to a local folder in EML format.
  4. Transfer this folder to Windows PC using an external device or another method.
  5. Then, run Outlook on your Windows machine & create a new folder in it.
  6. Next, move these EML files to your Outlook account.
  7. Now, you can use the import/export wizard to further export the data in PST format.

Method 3: Sync Mac Outlook with Windows Outlook

This is one of the simplest and effective manual methods. All you have to do is simply sign in with the same account in MS Outlook for Windows that you are using with Mac Outlook. Once you do it, all the data gets synchronized automatically. You can easily use the import/export wizard if you desire to create a PST file.

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Exporting Mac Outlook email to PST is the most difficult process yet users find it difficult to handle it. In this article, we have explained the same procedure with three different methods. Users can opt for any of the method of their choice which suits them the most. The first method is an automatic method that works on a Mac machine.