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So you bought your brand new laptop that is equipped with all latest features like Bluetooth, Wi-si, etc. That’s great! Configuration serves more than what you need and, above all, the laptop looks so cute.

You are happy. However, you want to check if the Dell inspiron 1520 battery is full or not by pointing your cursor over the battery icon. It shows 99%. Good! But what you must do to keep your battery showing storage levels, even after two years? Read more to know the solution.

Most computers Mobiles per day are now powered by lithium-ion batteries. Although there are nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride, etc., after the invention of lithium-ion batteries because of its effectiveness, most computer manufacturers Mobiles are selling and their Mobiles respectively.

Why Lithium-ion? Because it provides a high energy density, performance and light in weight. To run a power-sucking laptop, a Dell xps m1530 battery having high energy density is required. The runtime of a battery of Mobile is based on the type of applications you run. If you run basic applications for writing, reading, copying, chatting, etc., then your battery Mobile runtime will be high compared to executing a complex application that has a huge requirement number crunching.

  • The problem

The problem with the battery Mobile arises when you start using your Mobile Desktop as a replacement. In other words, using the computer regularly Mobile extended hours (10/12 hours) to the mains with the battery connected. If you use alternately both AC power and Dell Latitude D500 Battery for long hours regularly, then there are so many chances that your battery life will decrease.

This is not because of your alternatives with AC, but the heat that is generated by your Mobile during operation. The life of a battery is more dependent on temperature rather than usual loading and unloading functions. On average, a farm Mobile (Authentique!) Offer a service of 1-1.5 years, even if you use it almost without taking any precaution. You can extend the latitude d820 battery life of more than 2 years if you follow the following preventive measures.

  • Precautionary Measures

The only way to prolong the battery life of your precious computer Mobile is to use it only when you are in need of him. Means, if you have AC adapter available for your energy needs and you use your computer Mobile as a replacement desktop, then remove the Toshiba pa3399u-2bras battery from your Mobile after charging it mildly (40%), wrap in a plastic bag and store in a cool place. After every 3 weeks, religiously, plug-in battery in your computer Mobile and load for a while before you spend your food on your battery.

For the next few hours, you can Mobile to suck power from your battery until it is emptied of all its stored power and stops you a computer Mobile. Then, the plug-in AC power in your computer Mobile, Start charging your Dell Vostro 1500 batteryup to a moderate level (say 40%), turn off your computer Mobile to remove the battery and store in a cool place after wrapping in a plastic bag. You must do this religiously for every 3 weeks in order to prolong the battery life of your computer Mobile significantly by 2 years.

  • Summary

In summary, a battery of Mobile is so expensive and its life so precious that we can not ignore the precautionary measures that can prolong the life of 2 years older. This means, following the above steps, you can use your thinkpad t61 batteryMobile for about 3 years on average. Good luck!

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