top school in Ahmedabad

Choosing the best primary school for your kid can be a tedious task. You should do proper research before jotting down the school that you wish to send your kid to. The primary school enhances the educational base of your child. Hence, looking for a great primary school is essential for all parents. We bring a detailed guide with the most important factors that you should consider before selecting the school for your kid. With each factor, you should be prepared with a set of questions that will help you do careful planning and provide your child with the best education.

1.       Reviews and Testimonials – The search for best primary school starts with your own family and friends. Consult your close ones about their kids’ schools and ask them the following mandatory questions. This will help you comprehend if their school is suitable for your child or not.

·         Does your child learn something new at school?

·         Does your child engage in physical activities in school?

·        Has your child been introduced to music or art?

·        Does your child like to indulge in team activities?

·        Is your child confident to speak confidently in front of the class?

·        Does your child participate actively in class?

·        Does your child practice careful listening?

·        Is your child excited about going to school?

·        Has your child possessed any new skill lately?

·        Has your child learned any new language at school?

·       Does your child feel comfortable with discussing problems with the teacher?

Similarly, prepare a set of all the questions that pop up in your mind and ask them without any hesitation. Their apparent response will help you understand if the particular primary school is meant for your child or not.

2.       Intricate information about school – Most parents only look at the faculties and the quality of teaching in a primary school. However, it is important to consider a lot of other factors that will provide your child with a great environment. Consider asking the following questions –

·           Does the school practice proper sanitization for the kids?

·      Does the school provide ample facilities for your kid to learn something new?

·     Does the school offer extra subjects in addition to the core learning subjects?

·      Does the school organize any project weeks or specific programs for the kids to engage more?

·    Does the school have any specific language acquisition program for the children?

·         Does the school have all the facilities to cater to special learning kids?

·       Does the school provide a vision to the kids to proceed with a great career ahead?

·         Is the school co-education or single-sex?

·         Is the entire staff apart from teachers cordial towards children?

·         Does the school effectively communicate with the parents at home?

·     Does to school follow any homework protocol to engage kids at home as well?

3.       Observe the selected schools – If you have shortlisted schools and are yet to make your final choice, here is a list of questions to observe before finalizing the top school in Ahmedabad.

·         How is the principal’s attitude towards teachers and children?

·         Does the school maintain proper cleanliness?

·         How welcoming is the school towards the parents?

·         Is the school staff friendly and helpful?

·         What is the attendance rate of the kids?

·         Does the principal often communicate with the kids?

·         Are teachers providing adequate support to kids?

·         How are students encouraged to perform better?

·         Has the school won any awards?

·        Does the school work towards the betterment of the community in any way?

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