Frequently Asked Questions about Type Approval Labelling

Frequently Asked Questions about Type Approval Labelling

The telecommunication regulatory authority has made type approval of the manufacturing and distribution of telecommunication apparatus compulsory. The United Arab Emirates is also included in the list of the countries that have to follow this approval requirement for domestic use and export of telecommunication apparatus.

What is the type approval label?

The manufacturers and distributors have the responsibility of registering their apparatus and seeking approval from the authorities. After checking the equipment and ensuring its safety, approval is granted to the parties. The type approval label is the certification mark or code assigned to the applicants, which denotes that it is safe to use and cleared by the authorities.

Type approval labeling causes many concerns to the applicants and equipment manufactures. This article will help you explore the frequently asked questions about type approval labeling and resolve your confusion.

Top 7 FAQs Related to Labelling of TRA Type Approval

Scrutinizing the equipment that requires type approval, registering for the process, and following it till the last step is a hassle on its own. The applicants need the label to carry on their sales and business safely. However, it can take a little time and add to their nervousness. If you also have a few queries about the process, keep exploring to find the answers.

Here are the top FAQs related to labeling of TRA type approval, which should check before getting type approval.

1. Can local manufacturers or distributors produce approval labels?

The government authorities, like the telecommunication regulatory authority, have the responsibility of providing the label after checking the certification of the product or equipment. The local manufacturers, distributors, or any third party cannot produce the approval label as it will not be authorized.

To get the approval label, the applicants have to register their equipment and follow the proper procedure, which can take time. Therefore, most distributors and manufacturers acquire services of TRA type approval companies to complete the process on their behalf and get the label.

2. Can the label be slightly invisible?

The purpose of the label is to show that equipment or the product is secure according to the required standards of production. If the label is slightly or completely invisible, it will not serve the purpose. It is quite necessary to stick the label where it is clearly under surveillance. In the case of the radio equipment in the vehicle, the label can be stuck on the toolbox to boost scrutiny.

3. Where should be the label in case of radio devices installed in vehicles?

Radio devices installed in the vehicles are often too small. They are used for locking and unlocking the doors. It is quite difficult to stick the label on such tiny radio devices. So, in this type of scenario, the label should be stuck at the place of installation of the device. It should be clearly visible. If visibility is compromised, then it can be stuck on the toolbox.

4. How much time does the issuance of certification and labeling take?

The certificate issuance time of different products and equipment can vary according to their specifications and numbers. However, the minimum time the process can take is around two weeks. It is after the completion of the registration process, as well as the submission of all the required details and documents. Submit the registration and other documents on time to receive the labels without any delay.

5. How many labels should the manufacturers purchase?

The equipment approved by the authorities is not used for manufacturing only a single product at all times. The number of products may vary according to the situation. However, sticking the label to all the products is mandatory. So, the manufacturers can purchase as many labels as suffice their need in order to prove the authorization of their products.

6. Can the manufacturers apply for labeling even after getting certification?

The type approval certification is granted for a specific period of time, like one or two years. The manufacturers can produce a number of products using the same approved equipment. Thus, they need to stick the label to all the products to ensure their consumers that it is safe, authorized, and approved. So, the manufacturers can apply for labeling even after getting the certification, but till the time it is valid.

7. What are the label requirements for radio equipment in UAE?

The label requirements for radio equipment in UAE are that it should be of a specific size and should be stuck on a specific location. If you are suffering to purchase the labels, seek the consultant service. You can hire telecommunication companies to complete the registration process and purchase the label following all the legal requirements on your behalf.

Do you have more questions?

If your query is still intact, do not feel disappointed. You can always consult the experts and professionals to get a detailed response to your queries. Do not ignore the process or commit mistakes as you can have to pay the price for it. Follow all the procedures and ensure to receive authorization.