FinTech Expert helping businesses in achieving their goals

FinTech Expert


FinTech Expert Kuran Malhotra is a bilingual graduate from the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. He has majored in BS in Business Administration and is listed on the Dean’s list due to the major’s finance and operations and information management. He also holds a minor in economics.

Kuran has been recognized for his fusion of technology with finance through years of experience and working in small businesses as well as other non-profit organizations. Through his areas of expertise, he developed the financial management processes along with process automation within businesses. 

Extensive skill set and experience leading to the growth of businesses

Malhotra is known to have several skills that are extensive enough including programming, photography, financial underwriting, and analyzing data. As time passes, he polished his skills and applied them to working with small businesses like in the New Jersey community. He helped with the programming and developing a website for bookkeeping and financial procedures. Previously, he started as a barista at a coffee house but climbed his way up to rebuild the accounting system. 

Applying the knowledge to the venture capital world

Due to the numerous varied experiences in businesses and working with finance and technology within the hometown, Malhotra started spreading out his knowledge and expertise across the finance and tech field to contribute to early success. 

His views on financial literacy for immigrant-owned businesses

According to Malhotra, all people should be able to gain access to the tools, networks as anything that is required to start up a small business within America. This means, free of any gender, race, class, or ethnic discrimination. Due to this idea, he helps immigrant-owned businesses by navigating the American market. He thinks that small businesses are basically what help America grow or remain stable, as he used the word ‘Backbone’ to describe the small businesses.

Importance of multilingual hired-According to Malhotra

According to Malhotra, being fluent in two languages, Spanish and English have greatly helped him see the major disadvantaged. That might exist for the businesses of the immigrants, especially within the financial community. He emphasizes on every financial institution hiring and training the Malhotra individuals. As they might help to provide better service to the immigrant-owned businesses. Besides, he believes more effort is required to increase the number of successful small businesses in the USA.

He believes that efforts need to be made within the financial industry first. As they should equip themselves with enough capability to involve the modern tech into everyday use, for not only banking employees. But also immigrant business owners.

Conclusively, he believes it is important to increase the level of financial access to the immigrants. If the small businesses need to be concentrated within the US.