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A smile is the best accessory; this adage is well-known and accepted globally. A smile does more than just convey emotion, and it reveals a lot about a person, which is why most people pay extra attention to their teeth. Oral hygiene and health have seen an increase in significance over the past few years, with more people inculcating a strict oral routine in their lives. But dental problems are still common, as people try to find a one-stop solution to all their problems. While such a solution is still past the horizon, the closest is denture implants. Prosthodontists or periodontists usually undertake denture implants in Brisbane.

Denture implants have become so common that more than 7% of general dentists perform the procedure in Australia. 


Essentially, a denture replaces damaged teeth or a single tooth. The denture locks onto the jawbone of the individual using a metal rod. This rod performs a similar function to a teeth’s root, securing the denture in place. Surgeons install these rods into the jawbone in an effortless and painless procedure. The dentures mimic the individual’s teeth, as the surgeon takes precise measurements beforehand, offering a permanent solution.


Denture implants don’t require an overly complicated procedure. The first step is for the dentist to take a cast of the individual’s teeth to make precise dentures. The cast helps the dentist in determining size, position and alignment. The dentist then sends this to the laboratory, where customised dentures are produced according to specifications. The next step is to insert the metal rods; depending on the amount and size of the dentures, the periodontist or dentist inserts one or more rods. The individual will feel no pain during the procedure and only slight discomfort after. The dentures come with specific sockets that fit the metal rods well. In addition, the dentures are immovable after fixing, ensuring maximum comfort during oral activities.

Post the procedure, the individual may have to attend post-op sessions where the dentist checks and ensures the integrity of the implants.


One of the primary advantages of denture implants in Brisbane is their durability. Denture implants are a near-permanent solution that lasts longer than 25 years. The individual may have to visit the dentist occasionally for check-ups or any necessary adjustments. After getting a denture implant, people can forget about dental problems for a long time.

The secondary benefit is customisation. The dentures are precise in size and shape, fitting naturally within an individual’s jaw. The dentist takes accurate measurements so that the implants appear natural and feel comfortable while chewing, drinking, biting, etc. There is a range of available customisations for denture implants, depending on the individual’s requirements. People should visit a dentist for an expert opinion before committing to any procedure.

With the popularity of denture implants rising in Australia, several government bodies like the Australian Dental Association conducted surveys amongst dental practitioners to assess the demand. They found almost more than 80% of dental practitioners participating in the survey currently practising denture implant procedures. As the popularity of denture implants in Brisbane rises, people should be wary while consulting a dentist. Several dentists offer denture implant procedures. But people must visit experienced, certified dental practitioners only, who have degrees in dentistry and dental surgery, and are also registered with the Australian Dental Association. 

It is also advisable to remember that these dentists should renew their registration annually, and thus scrutinising their certificates will help people gauge their proficiency. Additionally, they should also follow the set standards by the Australian Dental Association for a certified practice.

About The Author: Zoya Maryam