How Google Tag Manager Is Beneficial for Law Firms

Google Tag Manager

Are you running an online marketing campaign for your law firm? Then you must be using analytics to track and measure your campaign. Here we are discussing the benefits of using Google Tag Manager for law firms. This tool will help you in easily integrating the tracking code of various third-party services to your interface.

Digital marketing for law firms has become a necessity in today’s connected world. You need to build a strong online presence to beat Firms competition and get in front of relevant audiences. There are numerous marketing and analytics solutions that you can use to assess the efficacy of your implemented promotional strategies.

However, the use of these services requires the addition of code to the relevant web page. In case, you use multiple tools, then this process can become tedious and it can be difficult to keep track of the codes added to various locations. This is where Google Tag Manager can come to your help.

What Is The Google Tag Manager?

The Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free service offered by the search engine giant that frees you from the hassle of manually adding a tracking code every time you decide to use a new marketing tool.

Instead of adding separate codes you only need to add the integration code of the Tag Manager to your website. You can create tags for all the third-party services you use in your GTM account and define the locations where they must be integrated. The tool keeps all the tags in a container in your account. When you integrate your GTM profile with your website, it deploys the container to fire the tags on your interface.

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What Are the Advantages Of Using Google Tag Manager For Law Firms?

Attorneys can ease their marketing efforts and improve their efficacy by using Google Tag Manager (GTM). They can enjoy the following benefits when they include the tool in their scheme of things.

1. Makes The Technical Process More Convenient

Integrating tracking keys is a technical task that can be difficult for lawyers who do not possess the requisite knowledge. You need to include the key into your website’s code and any mistakes can cause serious issues. Instead of hiring a professional every time you need to make the integration, you can simply create a GTM account and add the relevant tags to it. There is no need to tinker with your website’s program and the complex technical process becomes simple and convenient.

2. Speeds Up The Marketing Workflow

The Tag Manager can speed up many things at your firm including the website and the workflow of the marketing team. Adding too many codes can bloat your interface and slow it down. When you do the job through GTM, it does not affect your loading speed. This is because the tool loads asynchronously meaning that your page loads separately.

Moreover, since there is no need for manually adding a code every time you decide to use a new tool, the marketing team can test the changes quickly. They can then make the necessary modifications before deploying the strategy on a live website.

3. Maintains The Security Of Your Website

Another benefit of using Google Tag Manager for law firms is that it helps in maintaining the security of their website. Not every third-party service is reliable and sometimes the code integration can cause problems. Your account with the service provides you with a secure environment to test all the tools before they can be implemented on your interface.

There are standardized templates for some common tagging cases that help in eliminating the chances of scripting errors or other issues on the website. Moreover, you can control the access to your profile and ensure only trusted users handle the tags.

4. Debugging Features Help In Mitigating Risks

It is essential that any modification to your law firm’s website is tested before it is confirmed. However, the direct tracking code insertion does not provide you with a chance to test. As mentioned before, an inefficient product can cause serious issues.

Due to their technical nature, even the key provided by trusted services can sometimes be faulty. The Tag Manager has a handy debugging feature that lets you test and debug all tags and their updates before they are launched.

5. Easy Tag Management For Multi-location Firms

Many firms have a presence in multiple locations or are involved in providing services in more than one practice area. They can take advantage of the Environments feature of Google’s helpful service. They can generate multiple versions of the same container and then deploy them on the different instances of their website. This enables them to organize their tags and test them before launching them in an actual use scenario.


Attorneys need to use technical tools to improve the effectiveness of their strategies and ease their workflow. The benefits associated with using Google Tag Manager for law firms make it an essential tool that must be included in every legal marketer’s plan.

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