Having An Idea About The Warranty Of Apple Laptop

It would be a fair saying that technology has gone on to make our life easier. In fact it has gone on to become a part of our conventional life and we have not even gone on to realize the same. With the current turmoil taking place in our lives a laptop works out to be an ideal choice. They work out to be necessity for each and everyone.

The best part is that Apple has gone on to become the preferred choice of a lot of people. Once you purchase a laptop it carries a lot of responsibility along with confusion. If you have any issues during the warranty period then proceed over to the nearest Apple service centre in Navi Mumbai as they might deal with all problems comprehensively. Now the question is how you address an issue when a problem arises once you are out of the warranty period. A sad part is that most of us tend to forget about the purchase date of the laptop that makes claiming of the warranty a difficult task.

Normal course of warrant and what it ends up covering

When it is the case of a Mac, it is available with a warranty on the hardware components for a year. In addition there is a technical support that is bound to emerge for 90 days. But do not expect the warranty period to include misuse, abuse or any form of accidents. It covers a lot of facets and in a specific way it does not evolve the following

  • When you are using non apple products
  •  External causes in the form of fire and earthquake
  •  Damage that arises due to consumable parts, until and unless the fault exists due to manufacturing defects
  • Any damage that appears when you opt for a non- representative agent of the company. Always make sure that you choose the best apple service centre in Navi Mumbai.

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Location of the serial number

There is a need to check out the serial number of the Mac before you are planning to check-out the warranty of the Apple laptop. There are a series of steps that you have to follow

  • On the top hand corner of the screen you are going to locate the Apple menu
  • There is a need to be hold on the option key
  • From the menu select system information
  • On the hardware overview screen be aware about the serial number

There are some alternative ways that you can plan out

  • Open the web browser and then hop on to the website of Apple
  • With the help of Apple id and password log on to the site
  • Then move on to devices section
  • With the help of Mac locate the device that you want to check
  • A pop up is going to appear where you will have to showcase all the details.

To conclude once you have gone on to zero in on the serial number it becomes easy to figure out the details of the apple computer.