Hey Google! Should I switch to cloud payroll software?

Hey Google: Payroll Software

This can be termed as one of the most common questions asked on Google as payroll is one of the most essential pillars for any organization. Thereby it is essential to maintain the efficiency curve of the organization. Online payroll software empowers the payroll team with automated features of generating required data, tax details, etc. One can find several reasons to opt for an online payroll software. 

Let’s dig a little and discuss few such reasons to switch to a cloud based software:  

You have data stored in numerous files

Data is the new currency. Scattered storage of data in various files is capable of creating a chaos within the organization. A centralized storage of data empowers the employee and the HR to view lifecycle events of the employee such as leaves, onboarding, benefits, comp offs, etc , within a few clicks. Virtual transition included allotment of gadgets such as laptops and desktops to work from remote locations. It helps in processing the salary in time without any error by collating the data online.

Lagging behind with statutory requirements

Cloud based application has a delicious treat of compliance as one of the best dishes served on plate. State and federal law keep upgrading the tax laws in accordance with the requirement of the economy of the nation. Policies established by the organizations calls for amendments as per the growing number of employees and situations. The best way to explain such uncertain changes would be the policies amended due to coronavirus. The transition had to be implemented on an urgent note to save the lives of the employee. Automated generation of the amendments made by the organization or state or federal government were notified to the employee.

Inbox overloaded with queries

Remote functioning had its pillar based on communication. Imagine being stuck with a tax form which needs the approval of the Payroll team or the HR. A secured platform to share the document or a window where an employee can upload the form and find immediate answers to all the queries. This will increase the efficiency of the payroll team. It has been witnessed by various surveys that a self service portal increases employee satisfaction. 

Win win battle against clock

Tax deadlines, submission of income details and various other obligatory formalities can cause hefty penalties and hampered reputation. Cloud based payroll software protects the organization of such consequences. It provides the employee with a self servicing portal to keep attack of the deadlines of submitting tax details, renewal of lease, and other permissions granted by the ministry to continue functioning of the organization. It automatically implements the amendments made by the organization  and the state or federal government. It protects the organization from chasing deadlines and last moment submission as such submissions leave a huge room for error. 

A cheaper and flexible solution

A cloud based application is a cheaper option as it is a one time investment with purchase and installation. The employer does not have to buy an application for each system purchased by the organization. Purchase of a cloud based application comes with a subscription provided by the vendor. It saves the organization of the IT related cost. As vendors provide a support team for maintenance of the application and an auto update of the application. A smart solution as it can be accessed from various locations. This proved to be a major benefit during the pandemic. 

These are a  few of the major reasons that it is convenient to switch to a cloud based payroll application. Having said that, it is essential for the buyer to make a calculated decision before opting for an online payroll software. It required the buyer to make a checklist of the features required and ensure that the organization has a healthy IT infrastructure. A compatible online payroll software is the solution to many questions.