How can you move cheaply and save money when moving?

With the right saving tips, you can save a lot when moving house with a moving company.

We show what you have to pay attention to so that your expenses remain manageable. For this, thoughtful planning is the key to success.

With the help of our tips listed for you, you don’t have to forego comfort during the move and get the best price at the same time.

Specify the moving volume of the goods as precisely as possible

You can calculate the costs much more precisely with an exact specification of the goods to be moved. Rough estimates of belongings often lead to too many boxes, too much moving material, number of employees, etc., being included in the planning, which can lead to higher costs.

Tip: The more precise your list of removal items, the more you can save.

There are numerous moving companies that can provide you with this list of moving items free of charge.

Many of the moving companies offer you a fixed price. So that the moving company’s price is tailored to your needs, the assessment of the moving volume is extremely important.

If you have not calculated exactly for the goods to be moved, the additional working hours and the additional effort can be billed. Avoid such costly incidents so that overtime is avoided and the cost estimate does not have to be changed afterward.

A precisely filled out removal list also has the advantage that the company knows exactly how many boxes are needed for the move.

Even the exact determination of the removal goods on your own will help you to determine exactly which van to rent. In this way, the change of location succeeds even without a moving company.

The rental price depends on the size of the van borrowed. It is therefore important to know how big the volume of your moving goods is.

Negotiate with the moving company for a good price

Of course, the do-it-yourself move is cheaper than with a moving company. You can save a lot with private moving helpers.

However, there is a lot to suggest that you should still hire a professional moving company. This will save you valuable time, stress, and nerves and not forget hard work. In addition, with a forwarding agency, you can be sure that your removal goods are insured.

Check out moving company offers early enough. So you can compare the price and performance ratio of several moving offers and book the best offer for yourself and also get special conditions.

If you do not need the full-service offer, you have the option of using partial services, which offers you additional savings.

If you have time to pack the boxes and, if necessary, even dismantle the furniture and kitchen, this will benefit you enormously in terms of price. You could also transport a lot of removal goods with your private car.

By doing this yourself, you can reduce the price of the moving service.

Move on the day of the week that is cheapest

Most removals are carried out on weekends, which leads to increased demand. Car rental companies have adapted to this trend and are charging higher prices for renting their vehicle fleets for the weekend.

The earlier you know your exact moving day, the better you can determine the day of your move. Not only you benefit from this advantage, the moving companies know as early as possible when you want to move, but you can also plan this firmly and keep capacity free.

If you book early, ask for a possible discount.

Calculation of the costs

The more precisely you carry out your cost calculation, the better you can determine the budget required for the move.

Such a cost calculation is essential so that your relocation planning can be planned precisely. You should request offers in good time, so that costs for assembly work, packaging material, renovation work, and the setting up of a no-parking zone and packing and unpacking the moving boxes on the day of the move can be better taken into account. The earlier you take care of your move, the easier it is to plan.

When moving, the long list of expenses should not be underestimated. Good preparation gives you cost advantages in many aspects where you can make real savings.

Prove your negotiating skills and try to keep the costs of the move as low as possible through your own efforts and early move planning.

Insure your belongings

One of the biggest advantages of having a moving company do the move is that the moving company is liable for any damage that may occur during the move.

The insured amount and scope can be expanded by means of an additional agreement. In this way, you can insure high-quality furniture, pictures, and other works of art, and valuable heirlooms with a higher liability amount.

If your friends or relatives carry out the private move as moving helpers and damage occurs, this can quickly increase the costs of the move. Check your insurance policy to see whether any damage caused by moving is listed because private liability insurance does not normally apply in the event of such damage. Friendship or goodwill services could make your move unnecessarily more expensive.