How congress plays major role in Assam election campaign?

Assam Bachao campaign

Assam election plays are major role in the Indian constitution, where both the opposite and ruling party are well prepared to face the election on May 2021. Both the party have started the campaign and giving several assurances to gain the votes for their party. The party gives many manifestos for grabbing the vote and winning the election. Congress is one of the parties in the Assam constitution and to winning the senior person in the party has develops a video contest manifesto for getting more votes. The name is called the Assam Bachao campaign where you need to shoot 2 minutes of video content about the need of people in Assam. The video is all about giving voice to people and rise what they need from the upcoming government. 

Raise the people voice

People of Assam can enroll in the video contest by capturing the video about your area with the requirements that need to be added to it. The contest is simple rule and regulation and the congress party provides the best video with an iPhone, one plus mobile, and even other they can get cash rewards for their videos content. Every video should be base on the need of people and the public places only. With the face, capture is accepted in the contest. Not only one winner for the iPhone the contest for every day where many people can participate in the contest and win the iPhone. People can how up the unity by shooting the video in high quality and their needs for them. The contest offers these rewards for the following days. The functionality of contest progress will much effective to makes everything in the best way and deals with major functionality on it.  

The contest shows what needs to be done and how to get the votes from the people of Assam. These videos all show what they think about the current ruling party also show the mistakes the ruling party done. The creative manner including the campaign will help the party to grow more about the can obtain the ruling government get lose in the forthcoming election progress of it. One the major way to cover up every problem people of Assam and gives the chances of making the election on the best way on it. This helps to raise the voice of ordinary people also does the election in a friendly manner of it.

India is a democratic country including people who have the freedom to raise the voice to make a perfect way to deal with so. The Assam Bachao campaign started to spread to more and more ways of handle the best way to deal the people in together manner. The Contest is simple and it can general one every person of Assam no differentiate in gender people can raise the voice about what they need to and what needs to be done by the government. The congress party collects the video and they used for the campaign progress and get the peoples to vote for their favorites on it