How do you choose a good VAT consultant in the UAE?

VAT Consultants in UAE

Before understanding why you need to find a good VAT consultant in the UAE, you have to know what VAT actually is all about. Value-added tax, popularly known as VAT is imposed indirectly on almost every goods and service apart from the necessity like medicines or some food items. 

The calculations are critical, and the producers and distributors are in need of constant guidance from a reputed and skilled VAT Consultant in the UAE to get through all the payments and tax dues correctly. 

  • Look for a VAT Consultancy firm that has years of first-hand experience in this field.

Before you select a consultant to look after your tax numbers, here is a list of key characteristics you must consider-
They can handle any problem arising at work promptly. A firm or a consultant who is new in the area will not have the knowledge of the details or may not know the inside hooks and crooks to the laws of taxation. A skilled and experienced firm will be of great help in this matter.

  • The consultant you will settle for must and should have good and sound knowledge of the area of his work.

And must keep himself updated with all the new rules and processes related to taxation and VAT coming up every now and then. He should be skilled and knowledgable enough to handle any kind of complications regarding VAT or the payment of it.

  • A VAT Consultant in the UAE should have a good reputation in the market.

Ensure to check thoroughly the reviews of his past clients about his work and commitments. A lot of information can be gained regarding his working values and quality from the old feedbacks. Also, he must have an excellent customer service report. He should be ready to address any issue his client may face regarding the VAT so that it can be taken care of immediately.

  • The consultancy firm must be technically advanced.

In a developed country like the UAE, everything is computerized. All tax-related fillings and VAT payments, refunds, and dues are processed online via the internet. It is extremely important for the personnel who is looking after your taxation details to have sound computer knowledge and familiarity with the ever-advancing technology for making all the work much easier. Also, complicated matters can be handled in a jiffy and can be solved with a few clicks; the firm should be aware of that. 

  • The VAT Consultancy must have knowledge of all the spheres of taxation.

The service provider you have hired must be well informed not just regarding the rules and filing of the VAT payments but also be aware of the IT returns, filing of other legal taxes and should be capable of solving any kind of financial issues that the company may be facing. Also, he should be updating himself regularly with the new economic laws being passed by the government for the betterment of the client. 

Remember these key-points, and you are good to go!