How Does Mixing Tyres Affect The Vehicle And Its Performance?

Banden Leeuwarden

Tyres are truly responsible for the better ride and the safety of both the vehicle and the passengers. Hence, it is your responsibility to look after the tyres’ condition and provide the utmost care and maintenance to them. Services like wheel alignment, tyre balancing and tyre rotation are some of the ways to enhance the lives of the tyres. However, there comes the point when these tyres are beyond repair and serve every bit of them. When you lookout to buy a new set of tyres in the market, you find plethora of options to choose from, and at times, it becomes tough to make a choice. 

However, you must know that every tyre is designed in a particular way to suffice the needs and requirements of the vehicle in the best possible way. Hence, certain rules must be followed and not compromised when it comes to the tyres of your car and your safety. It is always suggested to get all the tyres replaced at the same time to avoid the uneven wear and tear and that you only experience a smooth ride. Just like that, it is also recommended that you do not mix tyres with different brands in your car. Alongside that, you might also face problems when you remain in the same brand but choose different tread depths of tyres and install them. Any kind of such differentiation can cause danger to your vehicle. Some of the key pointers are listed below; read through to find out more about mixing Banden Leeuwarden. 

Mixing Tyres With Different Brands

Most people often mix tyre brands because of several reasons. Sometimes, it is because of the budget, while sometimes it is the availability that makes people choose differently. However, you must always aim to buy and install tyres simultaneously and from the same brands and of the same type. Sometimes people buy a pair of the tyres first and later the second pair. A responsible vehicle owner must ensure that the same tread pattern and the brand are installed across the same axle. In simpler words, tyres with the same tread patterns must be installed, either in the front or back but in pairs only. 

Mixing Tyres With Different Tread Depths

If you are in a situation where you can only buy two tyres for your car, the new tyres’ tread depth will be deeper than the older ones. Hence, you must ensure that you install the new ones in the rear axle. Although the automotive industry has permission to mix tyres, such aspects must be taken care of. When you install the new tyres with deeper treads in the rear axle, it gives more command and handling of the vehicle, especially when the car is on the verge of losing grip on slippery roads and provides stability car. 

Approved Tyre Mixtures

Certain manufacturers like APK Leeuwarden provides OE tyres of different sizes installed in the front and the rear axles. However, they are installed in specific vehicles only and require expert supervision and consideration for the same. Hence, it is always suggested to keep up with the manufacturer guide and install the tyres accordingly.