How is SAP Business One Mitigating the Pain Areas of the Pharma Industry?

ERP for Pharma Business

The Pharma industry faces a lot of challenges every day. Whether it is related to the production of drugs or selling them in the marketplace, the working procedures require a lot of dedication. Other unique challenges include batch traceability, quality control, drugs expiry, compliance with the government regulation, financial operations, etc. You can effectively manage all these business and operational problems with the use of ERP software for Pharma.

Application of SAP Business One in Pharma industries

SAP Business One helps to automate financial operations, inventory control, streamline management, production management, storehouse management, report preparing, and all other critical tasks. 

Let’s see how SAP Business One  is enabling Pharma industries. 

Manage Expiry Dates 

The software includes setting up automatic alerts to check drug expiry dates. It is almost impossible to manually keep a record of the drug manufacturing and expiry dates. SAP Business One does this job for you. Nowadays, a lot of pharma industries face a challenge to meet the industry standards. SAP Business One helps to keep a check on the standards so that the industry products comply with it. In this way, the quality of the products is controlled. 

Now let’s list down a few of the common usages of SAP Business One in a Pharma industry.

SAP Business One helps in effective management of the factors listed below.

  •          Increasing asset utilization
  •          Data management
  •          Financial calculations
  •          Traceability
  •          Compliance with the current industry standards
  •          Time reduction and money saving
  •          Increasing production using the same resources
  •          Automatic alert setups to check expiry dates
  •          Streamline processes

SAP Business One is a multipurpose software primarily developed for the purpose of automating regular back-office tasks. It helps in managing the entire business with special focus on the areas including sales and management, finance calculations, purchasing, project management, supply chain management, etc.

Let’s take a look at the usage of SAP Business One in detail.

Financial calculations

SAP Business One offers a set of modules to control all your financial operations. The financial operations can include accounting, controlling of cash flow,  budgets, managing assets, preparing financial reports, monitoring costs related to projects, managing banking activities or even speeding up all kinds of transactions. You can also streamline your entire financial operations with SAP Business One.

Optimization of the order-to-pay cycle

Every business follows a basic principle of “order-to-pay” cycle. The cycle involves placing of  the purchase order, requesting  quotes and paying the concerned authorities. The whole cycle consists of complex factors including procurement process, data management, purchase analysing, accounting, recording invoices, processing of payable accounts, and preparing a final report. SAP Business One manages the whole cycle in a systematic way.

Inventory control

Production management and inventory control can be effectively managed by the SAP ERP application. It helps in preparing a costing model, managing warehouse stock, keeping a track of shipment-related issues, production planning, recording receipts, creating bills and finally preparing a report on the carried out tasks.

Creating a customer base

The important goal of a business is to create a loyal customer base. SAP Business One simplifies this job with its cutting-edge solutions. It manages a lot of factors including customer management, service management, sales management, etc. The main goal of the application is to engage customers with your company so that you can understand their demands. This helps in creating a brand value of your business in the market.

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