How Much Cost to Build Taxi App like Uber

Cost to Build Taxi App like Uber

Uber taxi app is the new trend in the business. Every entrepreneur wants to have a ride-sharing app like Uber. The reason behind this is very simple. Transportation is the basic need of citizens. Someone working in a private firm will always want to be on time. Hence public transportation system like bus or a train can be time-consuming. But a ride-sharing app can get you a cab in minimum time. Anyone can book a taxi at any time. This is more convenient than waiting for a cab or bus for hours. You just need to open your phone and you can book a cab very quickly. This is the reason for the success of Uber. It is one of the most dominating apps in this field. 

Uber was established in 2009 and now it has over 78 million users and creates a revenue of 40.7 billion dollars. Revenue generated by taxi apps in 2019 was $302 billion. Despite the pandemic, revenue in 2020 was around $192 billion. 

In this postwe will discuss the total money you will need to build a taxi app like uber. But first, we will define the factors that will affect the cost of an app. 

Factors Affecting The Overall Cost

Several factors can directly or indirectly affect the cost. Here are some of the key factors that can help you to know more about the Best Cab Booking System.  

  • Features

An app requires several features to enhance its experience. If you are aiming to create an app with maximum features then the cost will be high. 

  • Time

If you want to create an app from scratch then it will take few months to be fully functional. Whereas if you want to develop an app using clone resources then the app will be ready in few weeks. The time required will directly affect the cost. As an app from scratch will require more investment than any clone app. 

  • Platforms

An app available for every platform will have an optimum chance of getting successful. But building an app for platforms like IOS and android can be costly. You must decide if you want an app for every platform or a single platform. 

  • Use of Technology

You can select the framework depending on your requirement. A native framework takes more time than a hybrid framework. Hence, the cost of the native framework is more than the hybrid framework. Also, the selection of stack for front-end and back-end is essential. This will also increase or decrease the cost of your product. 

  • Developer company and location

Your location can also affect the cost as app developers from different regions have different prices. The rate in western countries is $100 per hour and in developing countries, it is $20 per hour. You can see the inordinate prices. 

Overall Estimated Amount- The Conclusion

Now we have seen all the factors that can directly affect the cost of your app. An estimated cost to build a taxi app will be around $138,300- $139,900.