Checkout How to Backup Hotmail Emails in Outlook 2016 | 2019

backup hotmail emails in outlook

For all Hotmail users of 2020, check out the most successful method of saving Hotmail data from Live Mail ( to local Outlook application. Here, we will learn how to backup Hotmail emails in Outlook application on the computer system. It will be safe if you backup Hotmail emails to hard drive. It is said so that if your data from one end is lost due to some reason, the data is retrievable from the other end.

Many of you might be using your Hotmail account through Outlook Web Application (OWA). Thus, the below article will provide you results to get the data safe from to Outlook 2019 | 2016 and below desktop versions.

How to Backup Hotmail Emails in Outlook?

You can use any version of the Outlook application on the system to perform the Hotmail to Outlook data migration. Please note that there is no difference in the process of data export in all versions. But the version 2010 and before have a little different start. Today we will be learning the process done in 2019/ 2016/ 2013. The process in all these versions is the same. The only difference is with the interface. All options and functions are the same.

Thus you can have any among these Outlook versions and follow the process shown below. It will easily download your data from the online webmail application ( and save it in the local email client.

Steps to Migrate Emails to Desktop Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2013 or any above version. The Outlook application must be configured with any Microsoft Outlook account.
  2. One the top, click on the File menu. Then, click on Add Account option from the Info section.
  3. A new window pops up with the title Add New Account. Choose the Manual Setup or Additional Server Types. Then, click on Next to continue further.
  4. In Choose Account type section, choose the POP & IMAP option. Click Next to proceed.
  5. In POP and IMAP Account settings, Enter the following server details.
    1. Your Name, Email Address.
    2. Account Type: IMAP
    3. Incoming mail server:
    4. Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
    5. User Name and Password (Hotmail account)
  6. Click on More Settings… option. It is located at the right end.
  7. A new window with Internet Email settings title is actively popped up. Click the Outgoing Server Tab.
  8. Check the My SMTP Requires Authentication option. Then select the Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server option.
  9. Now, move to the Advanced tab. Besides Incoming Server (IMAP) text field, enter 993. Also, check for option: This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).
  10. For the Outgoing server (SMTP), enter Port number 587. Also, click on the drop-down and select the SSL encryption option.
  11. Click the OK button. Now click the Next option. This will start the server configuration testing. Two tasks are tested to check if the entered server settings are correct or not.
  12. If successful confirmation is generated, click on the Close button. If not, go back to the previous steps and check what went wrong.
  13. Click Finish button.
  14. Restart the Microsoft Outlook application.

This is how to backup Hotmail emails in Outlook account.

More About Hotmail Outlook Configuration Process

The sync process of Hotmail Outlook application may take longer according to the emails in your account with the bandwidth used. The process is quite easy, but it requires concentration and correctness with the process of each step. Also, you need to be very specific with the account type you are working to add on the Outlook application.

After all the data is synced to the Outlook application, you have the backup of your Hotmail account on the hard drive. The Outlook itself creates a file to the hard drive at its default storage location. This file will be seen with an OST file extension. If you need your data at a known local, you can copy this file or use the export option in Outlook. This will create a PST file at the selected location. It is better if you create a PST file while exporting Hotmail emails in the Outlook data file.

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Final Words…

In this article, we have gone through a simple process through which one can easily transfer data from The above workaround will illustrate how to backup Hotmail emails in Outlook application. The free workflow needs at-most concentration and you can easily save all your important data from Hotmail locally.