How to Buy a Rolex: A Simple Guide

On their 10th work anniversary, all Hard Rock employees are eligible for a Rolex watch.

Many people who want a Rolex may not want to work 10 years at a Hard Rock, but at least we know the option is there. If you’re planning on buying a Rolex on your own, there are a few things to know.

Rolex watches are obviously luxurious items and should be selected with care. There’s extra preparation involved if you’re buying a used Rolex.

Below you’ll find a quick guide on how to buy a Rolex. Make sure to read it before making the investment.

New, Vintage, or Used

As you sift through the market of available Rolex watches, you’ll notice an array of new watches. You’ll also see vintage or used watches.

Buying a Rolex that’s new will be your most straightforward buying process. It comes with a big price tag, and the price is typically not up for negotiation.

Rolex watches that are 30 years old or older are considered vintage. Generally, watches with 4-digit reference codes are vintage, while a 5-digit code signifies a discontinued vintage model.

You can also grab a used watch that’s not yet considered a vintage model. Used watches come with lower price tags.

Look at the Metal

Rolex dealers will tell you the most coveted type of Rolex are ones made with stainless steel. It’s durable, retains its value, and displays the loved sporty look. Do keep in mind getting your hand on one of these is challenging, especially for new models.

If you like the look of gold, there are plenty of gold options. Gold isn’t as durable so keep an eye out for scratches and dents if you’re buying a used watch.

Explore your used watch options with a Rolex watch buyer. They’ll help you get a feel for what you like.

Build a Relationship With a Dealer

Are you wanting to buy expensive, new models of fancy watches? Build a relationship with a Rolex dealer.

Ultra-pricey new models aren’t often kept on open display in many shops. They’re locked away for the elite, and dealers won’t often even let you take a peek.

If you want to be someone with access to these new models, reach out to local sellers. Be cordial, and buy some other jewelry pieces. Keep in touch with them, and show them you appreciate fine craftsmanship.

In some cases, dealers may have waiting lists for new models. These aren’t for everyone so you’ll have to put in the work to earn your place.

Luxurious Purchases: How to Buy a Rolex

Investing in a Rolex is a big commitment, and there are a few things to learn before handing over the money. Above is a quick guide on how to buy a Rolex.

Decide whether or not you’d like to get a new, vintage, or used watch. You’ll also want to select which metal type you prefer. To have access to new models, build a relationship with a Rolex dealer.

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