How to Choose Best E Juice Like a Pro

Are you a beginner and spoilt for choice on the right e juice to choose from? Or have you decided enough is enough on using shabby e liquids? Do you already have an electronic cigarette device and can’t decide on which e juice to purchase? Well, whatever your reasons, this article will guide you on choosing the right e juice.

What is e juice?

E juice, also known as e-liquid or vape juice, is a flavored fluid used in electronic cigarettes. It contains vegetable glycerin (VG) and Propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavorings. The one good thing about e juice is that it’s not harmful to one’s health. Also, the control of nicotine intake is a plus in the consumption of e juice. So, how do you choose the best e-juice?

  1. The flavor is everything

    You have to love the taste of your e juice. There are different flavors, including tobacco flavors, coffee flavors, dessert flavors, and organic flavors. The choice of a flavor depends on your taste and preference. If you smoke the regular cigarettes, then you might want to try out the tobacco flavor. If you are not so sure about what flavor to settle down for, then it doesn’t hurt to try out as many different flavors as you can until you find the one that best suits you.
  2. The VG and PG ratio

    VG is an organic liquid with a sweet taste and high level of viscosity, while PG is a petroleum product that is odorless with a low level of thickness. The ratio of PG to VG is a personal choice. For instance, an e juice with more PG than VG tends to have a more pungent taste of your preferred flavor, while more VG neutralizes the flavor. So, if you are looking to feel the taste of your choice’s flavor, then PG’s level should be higher, and vice versa is true.
  3. The manufacturer

    How reliable is the source of your e juice? For the best e juice, consider a well-known and reputable brand. This will guarantee the full value of your money plus a quality product. You don’t want to pay for a shabby vape juice, right? Reading reviews on different e-liquid manufacturers can help you choose only the best.
  4. The Nicotine Level

    The nicotine level is displayed either in percentages or milligrams. The level of nicotine depends on the aim you want to achieve while vaping. Say, you want to achieve the same experience as regular smoking, then, a higher level of nicotine is advised. But if you want to quit smoking or you are just trying out vaping, then a lower nicotine level is just okay.
    You know you’ve chosen an e-juice when;

    • You get the full value of your money
    • You get a quality product
    • Your tastes and preferences are met

    Now that you know what’s important when choosing the best e-juice look for a reputable dealer by reading reviews online, talking to friends, and sampling their products.