How to Choose SEO Companies for Small Businesses

The average American small business owner spends $497.16 per month on search engine optimization services.

Many companies find an SEO company through a Google search or online reviews. Three-quarters believe that an SEO service provider’s reputation is critical. Along with how far the provider’s own site ranks on the listings.

If you’re wondering how to choose SEO companies to increase your website’s listings then read on.

We examine 5 essential factors that the best search engine specialists have in common. Learn what separates the jokers from the aces in the pack. And discover why experience and testimonials matter more than cost.

1. Understand How SEO Works

There are at least six recognized forms of SEO:

  • On-site SEO – relates to the content on your own website
  • Off-site SEO – backlinking strategies from external sites
  • Technical SEO – improving speed, responsive design for mobiles, etc.
  • Local SEO – improving local keyword search results
  • App store optimization – increasing visibility for your mobile app
  • YouTube SEO – promoting your video channel

The company you choose to create and carry out your digital marketing strategy should offer most of these services.

The first four are essential to building traffic. Providers need to understand the technical side but also have the ability to create quality content and links.

2. Can Explain the Benefits of SEO With No Jargon

Marketers will promise the world with fancy SEO jargon like ‘black hat techniques’. But unless they explain these terms and how they equate to targeted visitors, beware.

You want a partner to help guide you on your digital marketing journey.

Any solid relationship is built on communication. That means less jargon and a focus on achieving results.

3. Have Experience Writing Web Copy That Sells

Producing quality web copy that sells in 2021 reflects Google’s ongoing search engine strategy.

Google has always been adamant that they want their users to have a quality experience. That includes reading content on your site that’s informative and not advertising-heavy.

Choose an SEO team that knows how to write web copy that works. Test them. Search for phrases on their customer’s sites and see which search page they appear on.

4. Won’t Charge You a Fortune

Comparing SEO company fees can be difficult unless you have a baseline to work from.

Decide what your key performance indicators (KPIs) are and what you want to achieve. Then research applicable providers and ask them what they charge for a particular service.

You’ll soon see an average cost and identify those who will charge you a fortune.

5. Provide Glowing References and Reviews

Always read the SEO company’s testimonials and reviews but don’t stop there.

Reach out to their clients. Ask them what their experiences were like. Did the provider deliver everything asked of them? Or were there any problem areas?

This will remove the fake reviews and narrow down your list to those SEO companies that are genuine.

More Tips on How to Choose SEO Companies

If you’re still debating on how to choose SEO companies then consider this.

Like hiring the right employee, you need glowing references and a determined work ethic. The team must have extensive experience but be able to communicate with you. There’s no point in hiring an expert in tech if they won’t listen to what you need.

Always research the SEO company’s website and you’ll soon discover which ones offer a genuine service with proven results.

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