How to Create a Best Workspace for Maximum Productivity



In a suitable environment people feel comfortable and they give maximum productivity. A clean and attractive work place plays an important role in the behavior of employees. It impacts a good psychological effect on human mind and mostly people like to work in such places, in the result we get maximum productivity. We can make our workplace by some effective activities with clean environment, lighting workspace and you can decorate your office by suspended ceilings there are many companies provides suspended ceilings UK services for ceiling.

 1- Keep a plant on your office:

Sometimes surprising changes have an enormous result on productivity, said Fertsch, like keeping a little plant on your table or in your workplace. “I prefer to create my area feel a bit more alive,” she explained. Fertsch expressed that houseplants aren’t a standard technique of making a productive space, however that does not mean their impact is unreal. In 2014, a research team within the UK found that having plants within the workplace boosted productivity by up to fifteen percent, besides increasing working point satisfaction and the way engaged workers felt with their work.

2- Establish different zones:

While most of our work is completed on a pc and laptop, a most part of a day agenda includes reviewing copies of docs and signing documents. You’ll be shocked to understand that mostly peoples are still favor to write notes on paper than on a Word file. It might be best to shop for a table that’s enough to accommodate a PC and still designate a space for free-hand writing. The L-shape table is extremely suggested due to its style makes one side tough to look at and permits you to focus on the task at hand.

3- Place a Whiteboard:

Computers permit work to run with efficiency. However, the system of transposing human thought from a computer keyboard stroke to a program unto a monitor filters out the creativeness method. This can be one reason why a lot of people still favor to write freehanded because the filter between human thought and paper is that the human hand. within the same context, even with the availability of paper & pen there are times individuals got to open up the creativeness method by having a blown up visual rendition of their thoughts and ideas. A whiteboard is the good canvass to depict concepts on a wider scale. Some desks have the whiteboard started at eye level on a wall that’s an arm’s length from wherever they’re sitting.

4- Workspace Lighting:

The best workplaces are those which might stimulate inspiration. Typically all the world wants is adequate lighting. An area that’s too bright or too dark will cause eye strain. Your workspace requirement is enough indoor lighting to balance the glare from the monitor and permit comfortable visibility among the world. Natural lighting is often a decent selection.

5- Use of Color:

If lighting will stimulate inspiration, the utilization of color might stimulate motivation. Psychologists and neuroscientists have conducted many studies on the results of color on human behavior. There are different colures that elicit an awesome response to stimuli than others. As an example, the colure Orange has been determined to stimulate appetence and is good for restaurants. It’s depends on your business nature, you’ll want to own the right color accent on your work place.


For maximum productivity an employer should give their employees a clean and reliable workplace. It will affect worker mental health and create a respectable relation between them.