How to enroll in medical school in USA by Dr. Mohamed Aswad

The admission process to medical school for a student from abroad is not an easy thing to do. The reason is that only a quarter of medical institutions in the US accept foreign students. As per Dr. Mohamed Aswad even the ones that do accept very small numbers of foreign students, and preferring to students from the local area. The reason for this is due to the strict requirements for admission.

The issue of money is an important factor. Medical schools in all nations of the world are one of the costliest. It is due to the fact that they require lots of research, clinical work, and almost continuous participation by the supervisor. Additionally, medical education in the United States is the most expensive anywhere in the world.

The cost of training as well as scholarships

The duration of medical school is between 11 and 15 years comprising undergraduate and graduate costs. The prices of American Medical schools have been rising each year. In the past decade, the price of medical schools has been up by more than 40%. On average, you should be focusing on $40’000 to $50’000 and more.

Students from foreign countries attending medical schools typically have to count on scholarships, although a few exceptions are found. Dr. Mohamed Aswad explains that in order to be considered for scholarships, you have to be able to demonstrate exceptional skills and academic and personal accomplishments. You should have outstanding letters of recommendation and create a stellar cover letter.

General requirements for applicants, medical schools

The general requirements for medical schools for students include:

Bachelor’s degree, which includes a compulsory study of chemical and biological sciences. Certain universities also need a certain number or hours of Humanities, English, mathematics and natural sciences.

Excellent scores on the MCAT are an obligatory test to be passed to be able to enter US medical faculties. As required/optional. It indicates the scores of other standard tests such as GRE, GMAT LSAT, GRE. Positive test results on English proficiency in English Good test results on English language proficiency TOEFL IELTS or different.

Furthermore, the prospective student must carefully study all the specifications of the University that may differ from the norm. There could be additional tests, tests, or interviews, which are administered by representatives from the University.

Admissions and enrollment

Foreign students are provided with a uniform application for all US medical colleges through the AMCAS system. AMCAS stands for American Medical College Application Service. Management of application systems is an important role in the Association of American medical colleges.

Dr. Mohamed Aswad explains that the applicant is required to fill out an application form which contains details about his personal information and his family members. All the schools that were attended by him, the subjects he studied and assessments, as well as activities in connection with medicine. The letters of recommendation that are currently in use.

The applicant should then indicate medical schools that plan to submit an inquiry. Include a motivational piece that ranges from one to three, based the type of program and the level of studies. Students who are enrolled in the program for M. D. or Ph.D are required to submit a personal motivation letter. Personal Comment Essay Master’s or doctoral-level essays and the M.D or Ph.D. essay and an essay that includes an explanation of the student’s research experience. Experiential essay.


The medical school in the US runs for 4 years with studies lasting that last from 3 to seven years. Then the students wish to expand or enhance their area of expertise, or to improve their abilities in practice. There are additional programs which range between one and four years, and culminate in the awarding of degrees. Students must be prepared to take on a variety of workload – a lot of instruction in classrooms, anatomical theaters and labs which is a routine in clinics, said Dr. Mohamed Aswad.

In order to obtain a medical degree students must take an extensive examination called the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or Board examination, made up of three parts: