How to Export Google Workspace Email to PST

Export Google Workspace Email to PST

This blog focuses on how to export Google Workspace mailboxes to PST using various techniques. Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Workspace ) is a web application package created by Google that can be used on a business or personal level.

It is the most popular and widely used cloud-based service for sending and receiving emails to individuals or groups of people. The business version of Google Workspace introduces professional email, shared calendar, online storage, video conferencing, and more.

Google Workspace includes Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Google+, and a separate storage unit, including documents, slides, spreadsheets, and forms.

Data is an important part of the storage of this application, so it is very important to create a backup of this data. This can be reflected by exporting Google Workspace emails to other applications.

Need to convert Google Workspace email to PST

There are many reasons to back up Google Workspace  emails to PST or a different file format. Some of them are mentioned below,

  • Data is lost due to accidental deletion of data.
  • Log in to the Google Workspace email on another email application.
  • Overcome the hacked Google Workspace account issue.
  • Access the G Suite email in different file formats.
  • Power failure caused power failure.

How to export G Suite mailbox to PST – 2 Methods

There are several ways to migrate mail from Google Workspace to PST or Outlook. Some are listed below,

  1. Set up Google Workspace  email in Outlook to create a PST file
  2. Google Workspace  takeaway method

Technique one – Use Google Takeout to generate PST files

Google Takeout is a free utility provided by Google. It helps to store data in 4 different ways, namely,

  • Add to drive
  • Add to OneDrive
  • Add to Dropbox
  • Send the download link by email

Note: If the user prefers to “send download link by email”, a link will be generated which will expire in 7 days. Therefore, be sure to download the file within 7 days.

To create a backup of your Google Workspace email, follow these steps.

  1. First, go to Google Takeaway.
  2. Log into your Gmail account and hit the Create Archive option.
  3. Select the item you want to backup, then click the archive button.
  4. Now, click Download to access the Zip file.
  5. Navigate to the desired location to save the zip file.

In this method, Google Takeout downloads and saves the file in MBOX format. To export a file to MS Outlook, you need to convert it to the PST file format. Here are the steps to import files into PST,

  1. First, open the MS Outlook application.
  2. Now select the import and export options.
  3. After that, the import and export dialog will open.
  4. Select the option to import from a different program or file to add your G Suite account to Outlook.
  5. Browse and select the Outlook PST file and click Next.

Technique two – Set up Google Workspace email in Outlook to design PST files

  • First, turn on 2-Step Verification for G Suite and generate a password to connect to Outlook.
  • Select the file option, then click the Add Account option.
  • Now enter your name, email ID, password and other details on the automatic account settings page.
  • Next, click Next, then click Finish.
  • In this way, MS Outlook is configured with Google Mail and the email is evident in Outlook.
  • Now select File >> Open and Export >> Import / Export to transfer G Suite to Outlook.
  • Select the Export to file option and click Next.
  • Select the PST file as the file type and click Next.
  • Now select the Google account you want to export.
  • Make sure the Include subfolders checkbox is checked.
  • Locate the desired location where the output PST file will be saved and click Finish.

Limitations of the manual method of transferring Google Workspace  emails to PST files

  • Long steps can lead to more time.
  • Non-technical users may not be able to perform this method.
  • It can cause a data mismatch.

Professional tool – An alternative method

By reading this article, users can easily export their G Suite mailbox to PST using the manual method described above.

Sometimes, people with a low technical background may not be able to perform due to their complicated steps. This can be overcome with a third-party utility called the Google Workspace Backup solution.

It is a professional tool that can help you quickly export complete mailbox data to PST format. It is the best backup tool that allows users to download emails, calendars, contacts and documents from a Gmail account to a local drive.

In short

This article explains the need to export G Suite mailboxes to PST files and possible solutions. When you need to migrate Google Workspace email to PST, always try the free manual method first.

In case, it cannot get the required output and then transfer it to the Google Workspace  backup tool. Using this utility, even novice users can operate easily.