How to Export Specific Emails from Outlook – Full Guide

Export Specific Emails from Outlook

Are you looking for a way to increase storage on Outlook? Then, the only solution to increase space in Outlook is by deleting or archiving your emails, contacts, etc. You can download or export PST file from Outlook to desktop and then delete emails to increase space. So, in this blog, we will let you know manual as well as an automated method to export specific emails from Outlook and export all those emails in PST and 5+ file formats.

How to Extract Emails from Outlook?

In order to export emails from Outlook, we will discuss two methods, the manual method, and the automated method. The manual method is not too effective so if you are looking for a direct method then go for an automated tool.

Note: Before using the manual method, you have to download Outlook desktop-based email client application on your computer and you have to configure your account to the Outlook desktop application. As does not have any manual method to export emails from account. After configuring account to Outlook desktop-based client, follow the below steps to save multiple emails from Outlook to Hard Drive.

Manual Method to Export Outlook Emails to File System

Let’s know the steps to export specific emails from Outlook using the manual method.

  1. Open Outlook and navigate to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  2. Now, click on the Export to a File option from Import and Export Wizard and click Next
  3. Afterward, select Outlook Data File (.pst) from the list and click the Next button
  4. Here, select the account and specific folders to export and click Next
  5. Click on the Browse button and select the desired location to export emails from Outlook
  6. Finally, click on the Finish button and all the emails will export to the stated location in the PST file

Now, you have successfully exported your emails to the prescribed location. You can access all your exported emails from PST file. But, to access emails again, you have to import that PST file to Outlook. So, with the help of the manual method, you cannot download emails in EML or MSG file format. Moreover, some users reported that they failed to export emails using the manual method and now asking for a direct method to save emails from Outlook locally.

So, in the upcoming section, we will discuss the direct and automated solution to export emails in multiple file formats.

Automated Method to Export Specific Emails from Outlook

Without wasting time on the manual method, opt for the direct solution using an automated tool. Mailbakup Backup Tool for Outlook is the direct and one-time solution to export emails from Outlook in multiple file formats such as PST, EML, and MSG. Moreover, this tool has other great features, we will discuss the working and features of this tool in the below section. So, to know everything about this tool, read the log carefully.

Advanced Features offered by Outlook Backup Tool

Let us know the great features of this tool:

  • This tool gives the option to export emails in multiple file formats as PST, EML, and MSG.
  • Users can export specific emails with attachments, contacts, calendars, Tasks, etc.
  • Option to download selected emails using the Apply filter option.
  • Advanced option to Split PST files into smaller ones to decrease PST file corruption issues.
  • Feature to preview the emails within the tool, so that anyone can select emails easily.

Steps to Save Outlook Emails to Hard Drive

Export specific emails from Outlook using an automated tool, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download and Install PST Backup Tool by Mailbakup.
  2. Enter the credentials (login Id and Password) to login into your Outlook account.
  3. Now, select Email Format according to need.
  4. Afterward, select categories you have to export; Mails, Tasks, Calendars, Contacts.
  5. Also, use Date Filter to export specific folders and emails from Outlook.
  6. Finally, browse the location and click on the Start button to begin the exporting process.


This blog is for users who need to export specific emails from Outlook. In this blog, we have talked about the manual method and automated method to export selected emails from Outlook account. As the manual method is a very lengthy and tedious process to save Outlook emails to Hard Drive. In the manual method, you need to download Outlook desktop application to access your Outlook account before exporting and then you can save multiple emails from Outlook. Also, the manual method gives only gives PST and CSV file formats while exporting.

Therefore, without wasting time using the manual method, we recommend to opt for the automated solution by using the third-party Outlook PST Backup tool offered by Mailbakup Enterprise. This is the direct and automated solution to extract emails from Outlook.

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