How to get ace of spades destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer, online first-person video shooter game that is available for free, and it is developed by Bungie. The game was originally launched as a paid version on the Windows and the PS4 platforms. However, it was changed to free to play under the “New light” title on the 1st of October 2019. Following this, the game was released on Stadia and also on the PS5 and Xbox series X/S platforms, with an enhanced version for both the consoles.

Destiny 2 is set in the world of mythic science fiction, and it features a multiplayer environment with different elements of the role-playing games. The activities in this game are divided into player versus player and player versus environment game types. Besides the story missions, the player versus environment has six-player raids and three-player strikes. A free roam of the patrol mode is available for each of the destinations that features the public events and the activities which are not available in the original version.

With Destiny, you get to explore the mysteries of the solar system and then experience the ultra-responsive combat engine of this first-person shooter game. You can unlock some of the most powerful abilities and collect the unique gear for customizing the look of the guardian and the playstyle. You can enjoy the challenging co-op missions, engaging cinematic story, and the different PvP modes with friends or alone in Destiny 2.

Getting Destiny 2 ace of spades

If you want to complete the ace of spades quest in Destiny 2, then you need to follow these steps. Complete the opening mission of Forsaken called “The last call” and then visit Gunsmith in the tower. Then go on to finish the main story. After that, return to Gunsmith in the tower. In the Gambit, you have to kill the invaders or the enemies with the hand cannon. You have to kill 250 invaders in the strikes with the hand cannon. After that, you must get 25 of the precision kills in the crucible matches with the help of hand cannon. Now open the Cayde’s four caches in EDZ, Tangled shore, Nessus, and lo. Then complete the mission of “Ace in the hole” available on the Titan. Finally, you need to visit Gunsmith for one last time.

Now let us have a look at some of these steps for getting an ace of spades in more detail. The first stage for getting the ace of spades in Destiny 2 can be completed by finishing the main story of the expansion. So you have to keep playing Forsaken Milestone as well as missions until you unlock the objective. After that, you would need to return to Gunsmith. Now here you play Gambit and then go on to kill the invaders with the help of hand cannon. Any type of hand cannon can be used, and the mission can be completed across several matches.

In the next stage, you will have to carry out strikes so that you can kill a total of 250 enemies with hand cannon. For this, you can choose the individual strikes from the director through the individual investigation of each planet, or you can participate in the playlists. You can choose any method based on your requirements. After that, you have to get the 25 precision kills with any kind of hand cannon in the crucible matches. This particular objective will take some amount of skill, but you need to keep plugging and trying as eventually you will get there as there is no rush. After that, you have to find 4 Cayde caches in the four locations. These four cache locations are situated in awkward regions, and they are tangled shore, lo, EDZ and Nessus.

Once you have found the Cayde caches from those four locations, then the next step involves the completion of a mission named “Ace in the hole” on the Titan. It is specifically a 460 power mission, and it means that you should have completed it by the time you are done with all of the above steps or stages. Now once you have done that, you would need to visit the Gunsmith for one last time, now the weapon belongs to you, and this piece of the Caytde-6 will always remain with you unless you decide to stash it in the inventory.

The steps involved in attaining the ace of spades in destiny 2 are pretty comprehensive and time consuming, so you should be patient and continue chipping away at these objectives or missions for achieving your goal. We know website to ace of spades easier with hacking