How To Keep Your Towels Looking Good And New

Having soft and fresh smelling towels is a luxury we all are after, but often we are unable to provide it with the care and attention it needs even though it is very important.  Whenever you’re out of the shower you’re probably always looking for a soft, warm cotton towel rather than something that looks and feels more like a tree bark.Hard water, improper drying methods and product build up can all result in worn out, stiff and stinky towels.  

Luxury towels can sometimes be expensive, but this article will enlighten you all the tips needed to keep your towels looking brand new. If you happen to grab some terrific towels yourself, like for instance premium quality towels from a Towel Bale Sale, you must know how to properly take care of it so it stays for a long time. Follow these easy tips and tricks to freshen your towels, and to keep them new for extended periods of time. It’s amazing how we struggle with even the tiny details but if done so correctly you can have the softest and cleanest towels in no time. 

Start with Good Quality Towels

The first thing that you need to do is invest in good quality towels. If you are going to buy cheap quality towels that can easily be worn out chances are it may tear eventually or even ruin completely within a few washes. 

Buy your towels from Luxton living and we bet you won’t be disappointed. With so many color and material suggestions to choose from you may select the ones that are the best for you. Therefore, the first step to maintaining towels is to ensure it is of premium quality. 

Keep Towels Dry 

The next thing you should do is ensure the towel is dry by all means. The last thing you would want is crumpled, damp towels piled on the floor as this makes room for mildew to flourish. Avoid doing anything that damages the structure of the towel (unkempt storage and ironing for instance) so try keeping it in the best possible condition.Remember that though towels do not have to be necessarily dry when going into the wash they must be dry before they are folded and placed in your closet. Also do not leave damp towels in the dryer . Post the drying cycle, just give them a shake and fold them right after. 

Dial Back on the Heat 

It may be very tempting to blast your towel with the highest heat setting but this is not desirable, especially if you don’t want to compromise on softness. Heat is one of the worst things that you can put your towel through. Since cotton is itself very soft, burning it can cause it to flatten out and ruin altogether. It is best to wash and dry on a medium heat to retain the towel’s fibres while also eliminating bacteria. 

Follow this simple guide on keeping your towels new and in good condition throughout it’s span.