How to Migrate Gmail Calendar to Outlook?

ScoopArticle | Summary: Have you ever tried to manually migrate Gmail Calendar to Outlook? Today, in this blog, we have come up with an easy and effective method to import Google Calendar to Outlook.

Now-a-days, numerous users are using Google Calendar to manage their schedules, meetings, appointments etc. It is very helpful while sharing the calendar items with to a particular person or client, like any co-workers or family members. Even if someone wants to migrate Google Calendar in Outlook, they do not need to re-enter their all appointments. On the other hand, clients need to relocate Google Calendar information to a specific file, and afterward import it into Outlook account. As we as a whole know, Outlook is an electronic email client, which is a protected spot for information storage. Consequently, a few clients incline toward Outlook because of its great highlights. So, in the forthcoming segment, we will talk about a manual solution to move Google Calendar to Outlook in the simplest manner.

Client’s Query While Adding Google Calendar to Outlook

Experience the accompanying situations that will assist you with understanding the change process all the more obviously. Let us see:

“Throughout the previous one year, I am using Google calendar to make my timetable. Presently, I need to Migrate Google Calendar to Outlook however I couldn’t do likewise. Indeed, even I attempted it manually, however I flopped so often. Hence, if you don’t mind recommend me a fitting strategy to determine this issue”.

“These days, the greater part of individuals is dependent on the online work. Everybody realizes that electronic application is one of made sure about application in nowadays. As my all timetable, arrangement dates are saved money on Google Calendar. Presently I need to move my Google Calendar into Outlook account, however unfit to do as such. Mercifully recommend me any important technique”.

Manual Way to Migrate Google Apps Calendar to Outlook

Here are following steps to change Google Calendar over to Outlook. You simply need to follow the steps recorded below:

Step 1: Export Google Calendar

  1. First, you need to sign in to your Google account and pick a choice Calendar.
  2. After that, select ‘My Calendars‘ and afterward ‘Settings‘.
  3. In the subsequent step, select ‘Export Calendars‘ choice.
  4. Choose a particular location to save the separated file.
  5. Go to the ideal location and extract the zip file.
  6. Now, in your extricated data file, you can see the ‘ICS’ file.
  7. Now, you can undoubtedly migrate Gmail calendar to Outlook.

Must Read: If you are using a refreshed form of Gmail, at that point the above advance may not be useful. All things considered; you should realize how to send out Gmail schedule in the new Gmail variant.

Step 2: Import Google Apps Calendar to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook on your computer
  2. Go to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.
  3. Now, select import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file(.vcs) option.
  4. Click on the Next and select the exported calendar from Gmail file.
  5. Here, click on Import from the dialog box.
  6. Finally, you successfully migrate the Gmail calendar to Outlook.

You have effectively moved your Google schedule to Outlook. Presently, you can see the calendar in Outlook.

Limitations of Manual Method

The manual technique is only doable to move calendars from a single Gmail account immediately. The means should be rehashed for a few Gmail accounts. This makes the manual strategy bulky and tedious.
Thus, to move Gmail calendars to Outlook from different client accounts in mass, it is prescribed to choose an expert tool.

Proficient Method to Migrate Google Calendar to Outlook

In the event that the above-expressed technique doesn’t work appropriately, at that point clients can go for a trusted and demonstrated tool. One such application is Mailbakup Gmail Backup Tool, which is sufficiently skilled to move Google Calendars to Outlook with no data loss. It has an easy to use interface that even a fledgling client can comprehend its working without having some additional knowledge.

Remarkable Features of the Tool are Stated Below

  • Migrate calendars from numerous Gmail accounts without a moment’s delay.
  • Bulk Migration to move new calendars without stressing over duplication of data.
  • It additionally moves calendar consents to Outlook accounts.
  • Filters are accessible to move calendars that fall in explicit date-range.
  • Also equipped for moving other mailbox items i.e., emails, contacts, and contacts.

Wrap Up

Google Calendar assumes a significant part in everybody’s life because of its great features to save appointments, meetings, etc. However, here and there clients may confront certain issues so they need to migrate Gmail Calendar to Outlook. From this time forward, in the above segment, we have talked about a manual solution to perform Google Calendars movement to Outlook account. In any case, the manual methodology is extremely long and tedious, along these lines’ clients need to go with a substitute methodology. Further, we have examined some remarkable tools to export Google Calendars to Outlook.

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