How to Migrate Microsoft 365 Contacts to Google Workspace

How to Migrate Microsoft 365 Contacts to Google Workspace

Both Google Workspace (G Suite) and Microsoft 365 (Office 365) are cloud-based service providers that deliver the most productive business applications. Therefore, people are moving between these two. When migrating Office365 mailbox data to your GSuite account, you may also want to migrate your contacts. This is because contacts are important for all users to carry out the communication process. However, I’m looking for a solution to move Microsoft 365 contacts to Google Workspace, but I can’t find a reliable one. Therefore, to mitigate the problem, I wrote this article and presented the best solution to solve the problem.

How to migrate Microsoft 365 contacts to Google Workspace

There are various ways to migrate Microsoft 365 contacts to Google Workspace. Some methods are described below. Users can choose any solution, depending on their choice.

Technique 1 # Manually move Office 365 contacts to Google Workspace

This method is divided into two steps.

1-Set the role of your Office 365 account

This is a pre-migration step that allows for migration. Users If you want to migrate your Office 365 user data, you’ll need to provide credentials to G Suite Data Migration Service from your O365 account.

To extract data with DMS, you need to assign some new roles to your O365 account. These roles are:

– ApplicationImpersonation


To do this, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Office account.

2. Go to the admin panel. For the desktop version, go to the app and click Security & Compliance. In the web version, you need to click Exchange

3. Go to the Permissions section.

4. Click + in the Administrator role block. In a new window, fill in the Name field, go to Roles, and press + again. Select the first role (ApplicationImpersonation) and click Add. Then repeat the same for the second one (ViewOnly-Configuration).

5. Click Save.

6. Then go to the User Roles block. Click + to add an account.

7. You don’t have to do this for every account you’re trying to move data to. Do this only for the account that GSuite uses to connect to Office 365.

8. Please note that it may take some time for the process to take effect. You can wait 10 to 20 minutes before continuing with the migration process itself.

2-Procedures to migrate Microsoft 365 contacts to Google Workspace

Open the 1-G Suite Management Console and go to Data Migration.

2. Select a contact

3. In the Migration Source field, select Microsoft Office 365.

4. In the Connection Protocol field, select Exchange Web Service. A new field appears where you need to enter the web address of the Outlook account you want to migrate.

5. In the Role Account field, enter the email address and password for your mail server role account.

6. Then click the Connect option.

7. Press Select User.

8. On the new page, specify the source account to which you want to transfer the data and the destination account to which you want to move the data, and then click Start.

Manual solution limitations

1-Manually moving Microsoft 365 contacts to Google Workspace can be very time consuming and time consuming

2-Not all types of data can be moved together. That is, you can move one type of data at a time.

Technique 2 # Migrating Office 365 contacts to Google – Quick solution

Users can choose an advanced solution: SysTools O365 to GSuite Migration Tool to transfer contacts from Office 365 to Google Workspace. This application allows users to remove all restrictions on the manual method of moving Office 365 contacts to Google Workspace. In addition to contacts, you can also use this software to move emails, calendars, and documents. It’s a very simple and easy-to-use software, even if you don’t have the technical knowledge you can use to perform this migration task.

Other useful features provided by the tool

1-Enables selective data migration by providing multiple filter options

Through automatic data transfer of 2-delta migration set

3-Preferred features for early migration of selected user data

4-Transfer newly arrived data via incremental migration

5-The software displays the progress of the import task in real time

6-Compatible with all versions of Windows operating system

7-Provides three options for adding users. That is, getting users, importing users, downloading templates.

8-Provides simultaneous migration capabilities to improve efficiency

Steps to migrate Microsoft 365 contacts to Google Workspace

  1. Download and install Office 365 to GSuite Migrator Tool
  2. Select O365 as the source and G suite as the destination platform
  3. Select a category as “Contacts”
  4. Enter your Office 365 admin credentials to validate your permissions
  5. Enter G Suite administrator credentials to validate permissions
  6. Perform user group mapping between source (O365) and destination (G Suite)
  7. Click the Start Migration button to start the process


In some cases, you may need to move from one cloud-based platform to another. Many people migrate their Microsoft 365 contacts to Google Workspace for a variety of purposes. Therefore, in the above section we have described manual and automated methods to assist all users. However, there are some drawbacks to using the manual method. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the automated and reliable solution provided by SysTools. This software helps users migrate Office 365 contacts to Google Apps without any problems. In addition to this, users can also efficiently migrate email from Office 365 to GSuite.