How to provide value added services in jewellery business?

Jewellery businesses are dime a dozen these days. So how will you make yours stand out? The answer is very simple. Value added services. Value added services offer just a little more than what you already are displaying on sale for the customers. There can be many ways to add value to your services in order to attract customers and flourish your business. We’re going to take a look at a few here.

  • Personalization

Everyone likes a gift that is made especially for them rather than just a generic purchase. Offering customization options to your customers gives them ample choice to design their own jewellery, the way they want. Whether it is for themselves or a gift for a loved one, having it uniquely designed or engraved gives that personal touch which makes a regular piece of jewellery even more precious to the one wearing it.

  • Attractive packaging

Jewellery itself is for aesthetic pleasure. It is pleasing to the eye. So should be the packaging. Get rid of the typical brown boxes of plain glass cases and beautify the outer packaging so that the pretty contents can match well with the outer covering as well. Don’t be afraid to go for ribbons, feathers, beads, sparkles and all the pretty, flashy stuff to make the boxes stand out and be noticed. Customers seal half the deal simply looking at the packaging. After all eye-catching packaging will make your jewellery look all the more beautiful and add to its uniqueness.

  • Beautiful display

First impressions always last. So if you want to make sure that the first glance your customers take should hopefully turn into a purchase and later a recommendation to others, then your first appearance has to make a lasting impression. This does account as a value added service because it makes the customer feel intrigued, satisfied and willing to make a purchase. Jewellery is delicate and needs to be handled well. For this reason sales techniques matter. Using pretty stands, velvet-coated trays, decorative mirrors, etc. adds to the value of your collection.Hatton garden jewellers Londonis famous for their attractive display of jewellery collections.

  • Discounts or free gift vouchers/coupons

Discounts are the biggest motivation for shoppers. Having occasional sales, a few percent off, for seasons or festivals will attract more customers. Another great value added service is to give free vouchers or coupons for other similarly related services like matching bags or another smaller piece of jewellery, etc. The idea of having saved even a little will definitely get shoppers to buy more.

  • Exchange of old jewellery

This is a very common value added service provided by most jewellers, so as someone starting off new, you can try it out too. Most jewellery stores let you exchange old jewellery in exchange for new one of the same value.You can weigh and find out the value of their old jewellery pieces and then let them choose among new ones having the same valuation. You can also go one step further and offer cash of the same value. This will also prove to be a very attractive offer for customers.

A good business owner always gives priority to their customers and offering value added services is just another way of showing that you care for them. There are many more ways but here we have explored just a few basic ones that you can try out. Consider them for getting more sales for your jewellery like Engagement ring London.