How to Put New RV Stationary Glass Window Seals in Place

Humidity is a problem. If you want to improve your insulation, then you’ll need to check your doors and windows. That goes for your RV, especially. If you often feel it’s chilly inside your camper, or you can’t seem to get it to warm up as quickly, then the problem might be due to the seal of your door or window. If you have drafty windows, that’s a problem and could lead to a lot of frustration. Get that fixed as soon as you can. Here are top tips on how to replace the seals.

Check the Exposure

What kind of locations do you travel to? If you often take trips to the beach, the salt in the air can be the main culprit, as it is damaging to the body of your RV. It compromises your weather stripping. If you and your family and friends tend to go on camping trips to the beach, one thing you always need to make sure of is to wash your car right after coming home. That will help reduce the amount of damage that the air is doing to your rig.

Consider the Age

Before you think about replacing the RV window seal in your camper, think about how old your RV is. If you just bought the rig, then you shouldn’t be worrying about replacing the seals, at least not so soon. If you’ve got a second-hand camper, though, then how old is it? Check the weather stripping. Are there any signs that it’s loose? Then that’s a sign of damage. That’s an indication that you need to replace the seals soon.

Assess the Quality

Not all types of weather stripping are the same. To protect against exposure, you need to invest in good quality seals. Look for options that come with UV resistance. Those seals will last you a long time.

Identify What You Need

Start your search by finding out what kind of seals you need. Seals are between the metal frame and the glass. By knowing what your camper needs, you’ll have an easier time filtering through your options. You’ll know which ones fit your needs.

Change Your Windows

There’s no sense in putting in new seals if your windows are a bust. Think about replacing them. That will improve your insulation along with the new seals.

Know the Difference

You’ll encounter terms like stationary and sliding glass windows. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, then the first one works best. If you decide to go with that, then you’ll need seals that are designed for stationary windows.

Explore Your Options

There are pop out crank windows that you can install. These come with kits. The instructions are easy to follow. If there’s anything you don’t understand, there are also plenty of videos that tell you how to resolve those issues. That or get a pro. Whichever approach you take, with plenty of kits and options out there, you shouldn’t have a problem finding new windows and the window seals that match them.