How to Redesign to save energy …

Did you know that redesigning your home is sometimes enough to save energy? And we are not only talking about electricity and heating, but also about “your” energy! Some simple tips at a glance.

1. Decoration to save heating

How can you turn the heating down 1 or 2 ° C without sacrificing comfort and at the same time save 7 to 10% on your energy bill? Simple: rely on the natural heating of the sun! To make the most of the sun’s rays , paint your walls preferably white or beige, not coincidentally two colors that reflect the light.

2. Decoration to save electricity

Lighting is an integral part of your interior. ” There has to be a balance between mood lighting and functional lighting, ” notes interior designer Annick Oth. But lighting must also be economical! So go for LED lamps. By the way, LEDs are top design and decorative today . They exist in the most original or even hyper-refined shapes and in many shades to create the most diverse light atmospheres.

Icing on the cake: not only do they consume 4 to 5 times less than halogen lamps, but they are also 5 times more powerful and have a lifespan of 20,000 to 30,000 hours (instead of 2,000 hours like halogen lamps)! 

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3. Decoration to detect heat loss

You don’t have underfloor heating? And your floor is not properly insulated? Don’t worry, the right decoration can work wonders. For example, floor covering or a soft carpet is perfect for insulating the floor of your living room from the cold.

Thick curtains on the windows also help to keep the heat inside. Remember to close them well in the evening and at night, but also when you are not at home during the winter. As far as the sockets are concerned (because these too often secretly provide light drafts): instead of completely insulating them, you can also insert socket outlets for children.

4. Decoration to save your energy!

Tired of tidying up all the family shoes or looking in vain for Tom’s sneakers under the sofa and / or Laura’s ballerinas under her bed? Thanks to these 4 simple DIY ideas for storing shoes , you not only save time, but also energy! Bet?