How to Repair Your Credit Fast

In today’s world, all services are expected to be fulfilled at a fast pace. Everyone expects fast food, fast cars, fast fun. So why not, fast credit repair? Some of the instances in your lives might require you to get things done at a fast pace. 

Say you like a house, and you need to apply for a loan to start the process of buying that house. However, at this point, if your credit score is low, then your chances of getting a good deal is not possible. This is where you’ll need fast credit repair services. If you wait on this deal, the chances are that you might not be able to make the mortgage approval and lose out on the house. Nobody’s going to wait around for you to get your credit repaired. Ideally, in a perfect world, everyone monitors and maintains all credit by going through one’s credit score and reports periodically, paying off all credit debts.

So, sometimes when one requires fast credit repair to boost their credit score immediately as no opportunities wait around for the credit report to be in a good state. Doing these few steps will help increase the speed with which you can repair your credit immediately.

  1. Request an increase in the credit line – Credit score takes into account the credit utilization rate, which is basically the ratio between your total available credit after a chunk of debt already on your credit card. When the rate of utilization of credit is higher than normal, then your available credit is low. This would only get you any kind of loan at a high rate. At this point, one of the quickest ways to repair your credit fast is to request an increase in the credit line on your existing credit cards. Just call your credit cards ask them to increase your total credit line. What this will do is lower your credit utilization rate and thus increase your overall credit score. This way, with a better credit score, you can ask for a better deal for your mortgage, and it will pass through quickly and get approved by the credit loan officer. Thus, you will get a higher chance of getting a mortgage on the house that you desire. This does not require you to take on more credit debt or open another new line of credit, but just increase the line on your existing credit.  
  2. Deem yourself as an authorized user – Another quick way to increase your credit score immediately is by asking to be added as an authorized user on someone else’s line of credit. According to regulations put by FICO, almost 35% of one’s credit score is directly based on the history of one’s on-time payments. If you get added on someone’s line of credit as an authorized user, such as a friend’s or family member’s credit card or loan or any installment payment loans, their credit history also becomes yours. This also shows up on your credit history and your credit reports. Your credit score and reports will go up when this happens—giving you enough room to take a new line of credit in any form with a low rate of interest. You can now fulfill your dreams. 
  3. Pay up for deletion – have you had a history of not being able to pay up all your missed payments on time? Maybe your account was sent to collections, and being in this spot might be really hard to overcome. Leaving the situation alone can further hurt your credit score and report, and even show up as a blemish in your reports for a long while. However, one of the quickest ways to get over this situation is by paying it off. However, even if you pay it all off, it will still show a lousy credit report for a short period of time. There’s another way around this situation – by paying up for deletion. Get in contact with your collections agency and make a sweet deal with them, saying that you will make a full payment provided that the collections agency erases all negative reporting from your credit. This could have a massive effect on your credit report immediately. 

These are three quick steps to actually finding yourself in a position where you are able to make a fast credit repair on your credit repair without involving much of a risk. Now you can get a mortgage if you wish, get a car loan as you please, and fulfill all your dreams.