How to Save Emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive

ScoopArticle | Are you looking for a solution for how to save emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive in a straightforward manner? At that point, you are on the correct blog. This article gives an appropriate clarification about why one should have to save his email account. It additionally includes the manual method to perform Mac Mail backup. It additionally gives an automated method that will help you in straightforwardly saving your email messages to the local hard drive.

In today’s world, saving emails has a crucial part in association or people who use email services. Accordingly saving emails is the main solution for protecting your data securely. Many users experience the outcomes of not saving the email messages since he/she may have lost all the messages!

Why the User Needs to Save Mac Mail Emails

These days taking email backup is a vital task to be performed. If you are working for an association or you are saving the entirety of your own data in the email account, at that point it is ideal to save the mailbox, both your sent and received. Presently you might be reasoning why it is significant to Save Emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive? Here are some valid justifications for it:

  • It would be a lot less expensive to save the messages as opposed to recovering them after it has been deleted for forever.
  • Email applications give you a restricted measure of extra space which will get filled soon. At that point, you can remove the emails that are right now superfluous in the wake of saving the messages locally to Hard Drive.
  • If your account gets hacked or lost because of certain reasons, all your significant messages may get lost.
  • Saving email messages to an external hard drive guarantees business progression in any event when the server is down.

Manual Procedure to Save Emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive

One can backup Apple Mail to the external hard drive by sending out their messages from mailbox to local framework. Hence to move the mailbox from Apple Mail account, follow the steps given beneath:

  1. Run the Mac Mail Account on your Computer.
  2. Now, choose the mailbox from the sidebar.
  3. Pick Mailbox >> Export Mailbox.
  4. Finally, pick the objective location for the MBOX file and afterward click on Choose option.

Note: If you need to send out a similar mailbox after it gets filled off again with new messages, at that point the Mail doesn’t overwrite the previous saved MBOX document however makes another one.

Yet, this manual strategy to Save Apple Mail to the hard drive has numerous blemishes, similar to the mailbox that moved doesn’t export the entirety of its folders. for example, subsequent to sending out all the emails, you need to delete all the email messages manually to make space in your account. This strategy likewise doesn’t give any ensure in totally saving your information with no data loss. The exported emails may come up with a lack of integrity.

Elective Solution to Save/Backup Apple Mail to External Hard Drive

The above portrayed manual arrangement isn’t guaranteeing an error-free Backup and save emails from Apple Mail to External Hard Drive. Accordingly, this blog presents an automated tool called Mailbakup Apple Mail Backup Tool, which can export all your emails from your Mac Mail account and save those in multiple file formats such as PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX locally. It is an impeccably ensured tool that permits you to Copy or Save emails from Mac Mail to hard drive. This utility is having numerous different features that pull in the Mac Mail clients who need to perform email backup. This tool can maintain the folder hierarchy and email integrity even after export. Additionally, it can move different Mac MBOX files all at once from its server.

Different Characteristics of Mac MBOX Converter

  1. It can likewise maintain the folder hierarchy of the emails.
  2. The tool is just upheld on Mac working framework.
  3. It gives a naming convention option while saving emails to hard drives.
  4. It provides an option to filter the email messages as for date and time.
  5. Moving email to local storage doesn’t change its message properties like cc, bcc, header data, and attachments.


This blog is intended for Mac email clients who are asking for a solution to save emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive. We also discussed the significant reasons why a client needs to store the emails to the local framework and afterward it gives an accessible manual solution for it. Since the manual technique doesn’t ensure the complete movement of email data to the hard drive. So, we recommend using a third-party automated solution for exporting Mac Mail emails easily, productively, and rapidly. One can likewise choose the folders that need to export from the Apple Mail account so unnecessary emails are not spared locally.

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