How to thrive in Career with a Bachelor of Design Degree


Design is everywhere, from clothes worn by you to computers we use. Our brains have been trained over time to make decisions on the way things look. That is, the design part is crucial in all aspects of life. More reliability on the design perspective, BDes graduates will never go low on demand. Both public, as well as private sectors have several job opportunities for designers. The design job opportunities are not confined to India; you can find a job overseas as a design graduate. However, just completing the relevant design degree will not make you a great designer; you need to have a creative mindset to establish a career that can fulfil your dreams.

What is a Bachelor of Design? – Course Overview

Bachelor of Design or B.Des is a four-year full-time degree course divided into eight semesters. Some institutes offer a B.Des degree programme for five years as well. Top design institutes in India offer a B.Des degree programme in several disciplines.

Due to ever-changing technology, the course curriculum of designing courses keeps on changing. Incorporation of new tools to impart B.Des course is a common thing in the curriculum. A B.Des student is not only provided the theoretical knowledge but is also exposed to the on the job knowledge of the professional course. Regular workshops, seminars, exhibitions, fashion shows etc., is a common ritual if you are pursuing a BDes degree program.

B.Des Disciplines

Similar to any other professional course, B.Des is also imparted with several disciplines. You can pursue the course in the field which fascinates you. Some of the disciplines in the creative degree programme are as follows.

  1. Fashion Design
  2. Ceramic and Glass Design
  3. Accessory Design
  4. Interaction Design
  5. Exhibition Design
  6. Film and Video Communication
  7. Furniture and Interior Design
  8. Textile Design
  9. Graphic Design
  10. Product Design
  11. Fashion Communication
  12. Animation Film Design
  13. Industrial Design
  14. Communication Design
  15. Footwear Designs and Production

Besides the disciplines mentioned above, you might come across several other disciplines offered under B.Des degree programmes. Some institutes also provide an interdisciplinary design course that focuses on different fields such as visual design, interaction design, product design, spatial and interior design, focusing on problem-solving and its application.

Admission into B.Des Course

There are several national, state and university level entrance exams conducted for B.Des admission. Some of the entrance exams include the following.

  1. UCEED
  2. NID DAT
  3. AIEED

The entrance exams will be followed by a set of selection rounds such as counselling. The selection rounds might vary across different entrance exams.

Job Opportunities after B.Des

After obtaining a Bachelor degree in designing, you will have several job opportunities. Besides the job options available after B.Des, you can also pursue M.Des in the relevant discipline. Some of the job options available after B.Des are as follows.

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Textile Designer
  3. Design Managers
  4. Teachers
  5. Fashion Stylists
  6. Costume Designer
  7. Outside Sale Representative
  8. Fashion Forecasters

To establish a career in designing, you will require a B.Des degree; however, one of the mandatory aspects of a successful design career is interest and creative thought flow.