How to use TTY mode without TTY machine

This is possible through TRS services if you want to communicate with a hearing-impaired person without a TTY machine. Call via Telecom Relay Service (TRS) and the TRS operator will arrange the call to the hearing-impaired receiver.

TRS is available as a toll free and round the clock service in many countries. Just dial the TRS toll free number from your mobile and ask them to connect your phone to another hearing-impaired receiver. When you speak, the TRS operator will type your voice message on the TTE machine and the receiver will receive the message in text form. The United States has a telecommunications relay service number or TRS number 711.

It’s about the meaning of TTY mode means in text messages and mobile phones. The use of TTY text and TTY mode is completely different from each other. TTY in message means “talk to you” and TTY mode in mobile is for hearing-impaired persons only.

How to enable and setup TTY mode?

To use TTE mode in Android mobile phones, a teletypewriter (TTI) machine is required.

Connect the Tty machine to the audio jack of your mobile phone.

Then go to the phone’s settings section.

Find TTy mode under “General Settings” or (Settings >> Call Settings)

The location of TTY mode in mobile phones may be different for different mobile phones.Just tap on “TTY mode” option. Here it will ask you to select the following mode

Tty mode in the phone

  • TTY full mode: If TTY machines are connected to both the recipient’s and sender’s mobile phones, you should select the “tty full” option.
  • TTY off: TTY off means TTY mode is not enabled at all. This option is very useful if both the caller and the receiver are unable to voice and speak.
  • TTY VCO: Voice Is Carry Over (TTY VCO) is useful if you are a caller who can speak but is hard to hear. By selecting this mode, the sender can send his message as voice and the teletypewriter at the other end converts the sounds into TTY text.
  • TTY HCO mode: This mode is the exact opposite of the TTY VCO option. In this option, you can send your message in text using tty machine and the receiver will get that message in audio.

Limitation of TTY mode in mobile phone

It is important to know that TTY mode can block some other functions. In some models, you will not be able to use SMS network to make network calls when you are enabled. So, if you don’t have a teletypewriter or TT machine, just disable TT mode in your mobile.

TTY telephone benefits are beneficial for hearing- and hearing-impaired individuals. All this is displayed in the new cell phone. You can no doubt turn off and on what is tty mode in Android gadgets by following some settings. So how do we understand how you can enable or disable this element in an Android phone in 5 seconds.

Adventures to enable or disable TTY mode in Android cell phones. TTY mode is a helpful function for hearing impaired and people with difficulty hearing. You can enable this capability in your Android cell phone by selecting TTY mode.Most likely, you will find this capability under general settings, however, if it is not, you can test it under call settings.Of course, TTY mode is off. Here are the tools to enable or disable TTE mode in Android cell phones:

Enable TTY mode

Step 1: Tap on the dialer icon on the main screen.

Step 2: Now tap on the three points.

Stage 3: A box will appear. Tap on Settings here.

Step 4: Tap on Call Settings under Settings.

Step 5: Tap on TTY mode here and select TTY FULL / HCO / VCO.

Step 6: Done !! TTY mode has been enabled.

Enabling this element will not make your phone work normally. You cannot make or receive video calls. To influence a video to make a call you need to weaken it under call settings.