The Importance of Wheel Balancing

Wheels and tyres are a single team. They work in harmony to deliver smooth and comfortable drives. Both of them form one single component. To derive the most from your vehicle and enjoy uninterrupted car drives, you need to pay attention to some important tyre and wheel services. Some of these include tyre balancing, wheel alignment, etc.

About Wheel Balancing

The process involved adjusting the weight held by the tyres. This is done by distributing an equal amount of weight throughout the tyre’s circumference. Imbalance tyres often lead to bumpy drives full of vibrations. This causes uneasiness and disturbances. Such tyres wear faster and in an uneven fashion.

Wheel Balancing Morecambe is one of the effective ways of maintaining the longevity of your tyres. This service should ideally be done after covering a distance of 5,000 miles. Imbalance tyres also cause premature wear in suspension and steering components.

When to get the wheel balancing done?

Apart from a specific time or distance, there are certain situations in which tyre balancing becomes necessary. These include:

  • Buying new tyres, wheels, or rims
  • Hitting a pothole
  • After the tyres have been repaired
  • After tyre rotation

Signs your tyres need balancing

One of the natural occurrences of imbalanced tyres is normal tread wear. As the tyre wears down, the weight also changes. This puts excessive pressure on the tyres, and they attain various other damages. The major symptoms of imbalanced tyres include:

  • The car seems to vibrate heavily, especially when you drive at higher speeds.
  • The tread wears unevenly, and that too in an unusual way.
  • The fuel efficiency of your vehicle goes down.
  • The suspension system starts to trouble you.

About Wheel Alignment

The process involves adjusting the angles of your wheels by the suspension system. Wheel Alignment determines the appropriate angles at which the wheels contact the road. The service is extremely necessary for a smooth driving experience and efficient drives.

What causes misaligned wheels?

Hitting a pothole or running over a hard and large object at high speed can easily alter the wheel alignment. This usually happens with drivers who rashly drive. It’s best to maintain speed limits while driving, especially on off-roads.

Minor collisions also affect the wheel alignment. This is also caused after hitting a curb. It is advised to be careful while you are on the road. Collisions not only affect your wheels but are also dangerous for your safety.

Signs of misaligned wheels

  • Uneven and premature tread wear on tyres often signify misaligned wheels.
  • Heavy and frequent vibrations in the steering wheel signify your car wheels need to be aligned.
  • Improper wheel alignment also makes the steering wheel heavy. It pulls the vehicle in one direction even when the steering wheel is held straight.

How to enhance the tyre life and performance?

  • Tyres are crucial for comfortable drives. They need to be maintained well for unlimited and efficient performance. You spend a lot of money on tyres. A tyre stays with you for a long time only if pay attention to its maintenance service.
  • Tyre inflation should be checked at least once a week. Over and under-inflated tyres deplete the tyre life and cause disruptions while driving.
  • Wheel alignment and Wheel balancing should be done on time. This protects your tyres from uneven wear.
  • Always avoid abrupt and rough brakes. This habit of yours depletes the tyre life.