7 Ways to Improve Your Organic Social Media Reach

First thing first, getting started with building up your own organic social media reach can prove to be a daunting task.

Lately, there is a high level of competition among brands and businesses that are present over social media platforms.

Considering the fact that each of these social media platforms comprises its own algorithm, it becomes even more confusing when you start improving your organic reach simultaneously on different social media platforms at the same time.

For a professional marketer, whose job is to solely monitor and enhance the social media accounts of a company, it might prove to be difficult for you to maintain the same progress of engagement in each platform.

Thus, considering the problem of the marketers, we are writing down a guide here about the 7 viable ways one can enhance and improve his organic social media reach.

We surely have got you covered on the off chance that you are a marketer struggling with getting organic social media traffic.

All the tips mentioned below come straight from professional and experienced marketers, thus you can be assured that there is not a chance that these tips won’t work for you.

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With that being said, without any further ado, let’s begin with our guide! 

1.  Understand how the algorithm of most of the social media platforms operates

As stated above, each and every social media platform comprises its own algorithm. On the off chance that you aren’t aware of what algorithm means then you don’t have to panic as we have got you covered in this regard.

The algorithm simply determines how and what content would be shown to your social media account.

If we talk about the algorithm of Instagram, it works to monitor your day-to-day actions.

Let’s suppose that you like a few posts or content of your favorite celebrity crush. Then the algorithm of Instagram would found that to be something that you love doing on the platform. It would interpret its data and would start showing you the things that might be relating to the post you just liked.

This is how algorithms work. In order to make the most from this algorithm, it’s preferred that you trick the algorithm of your social media account so that you receive the results that you have been desiring for too long.

As soon as you understand how the algorithm of your selected social media platform is working, you would surely be able to get your hands on an ample amount of organic traffic instantly!

2.  Start interacting with your audience

One of the common mistakes people make these days is that they get themselves so busy with their daily lives that they forget to interact with their targetted audience.

While being on the social media platform, one may not forget that each and every interaction you may earn on your social media platform would be with the help of your targetted audience.

As you start interacting with your targetted audience, you start getting to know about their likes and dislikes.

As soon as you start posting the content that suits best their needs, they’ll suggest other people visit your account. This way the organic traffic you may receive would simply be incredible!

3.  Start posting user-generated content

User-generated content is that content that one uploads by initiating a hashtag of their own, or by uploading something that brings a heaping amount of engagement to your account.

According to us, it’s preferred that you initiate a hashtag campaign of your own. Try to come up with a hashtag that would attract people. The more people start using your hashtags, the more of your post would trend on the social media platform, and hence the more you would get benefit from it!

4.  Initiate with conducting live streaming sessions

You may have seen famous celebrities coming face to face with their fans and followers on live streaming sessions. You can adopt this practice for yourself too. When you start having live sessions, your followers would be able to see you, talk with you, and can spend quality time with you.

If in case a follower of your finds your live session entertaining, he’ll invite his friend to join too. This is how you enhance organic traffic via social media.

5.  Prioritize the quality of the content, rather than the quantity of the content

Most people think that by posting their content regularly on their social media platform they would be able to get a heaping amount of profits, then this is not really the case.

The engagement one receives on his social media platform is by posting the content that’s love by people. And that content takes time to be created.

Regular contents aren’t up to the mark, hence it’s useless posting them on your account.

6.  Monitor and focus on your organic reach with the help of the analytics tool

There are numerous tools present in the market which one can use to monitor his social media analytics.

Use these tools, see the points where you lack organic reach, try eradicating them, and we are sure that you would receive a profound experience.

7.  Run fun contests to boost your engagement

Running fun content can bring organic traffic too. You can host content on your social media platform once a week, and the result you might receive from it would be incredible!


While wrapping it all up, we would like to say that a premium marketing campaign includes both organic and paid social media content.

 In order to ace your social media organic strategy, we would like you to give the above-mentioned tips and tricks a shot.

All the tips mentioned below come straight from professional and experienced marketers, thus you can be assured that there is not a chance that these tips won’t work for you.

With that being said, what more you can possibly desire? Get started with an optimum social media strategy to bring organic traffic now!